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Quality public relations helps establish credibility, cultivating a favorable public image. UCM’s PR plays a key role in building relationships between Biola and its publics through the use of a variety of communication channels and tools.

Internal Communications is critical in keeping employees informed and engaged. Providing the internal community with important messages, strategies, vision and expectations ensures a healthy and productive workforce, guaranteeing success in each department as Biola strives to carry out its mission.


As part of the President’s Office, the public relations division of UCM is the official news source and distributor of information about Biola University to various audiences through print, broadcast and online media, locally and nationally. By building relationships with reporters and distributing materials (including news releases, pitch letters and media alerts) the public relations team communicates the university’s mission and vision by highlighting programs, scholarships, experts and events.

As the liaison between Biola and news media, we connect reporters with our leading expert faculty to provide insight on topics ranging from religion to public issues.

We welcome all queries from members of the media about Biola University programs, people and initiatives. The majority of our faculty are very active researchers, scholars, and artists, able to provide expert commentary or background information on a wide array of topics.

The internal communications office is responsible for providing news and information to Biola University faculty and staff. The office is also responsible for creating and implementing communications strategies for the university administration, and consulting with and helping internal groups with communications plans.

Among the communication tools is Inside Story Online, the school’s intranet for employees only, maintained by human resources and internal communications. The office also produces a twice-week e-mail called Campus Wide News to provide timely announcements and event information to all faculty and staff.

For information about communicating with Biola University faculty and staff, call or e-mail Brenda Velasco, Manager of Internal Communications, at ext. 5340 or . Items for Inside Story Online may be submitted at

As Biola faculty and staff, you have the potential to serve as a great source of information to the media. Keep in mind that sharing information with reporters influences the credibility and integrity of both you and the university. Additionally, keeping the community and alumni aware of faculty and staff research findings generates even more support for students and the campus. Perhaps most importantly, by speaking to the press you have the opportunity to communicate your message and the university's mission.

To help prepare you to speak to reporters, the media relations team has compiled a list of tips for working with the media. If you’ve been contacted by a reporter, or anticipate talking to the media, please contact Jenna Bartlo at (562)777-4061.

If a media representative contacts you, please follow these “Think PR” guidelines:

Ask the representative/reporter if they have already spoken to the media relations coordinator or public relations manager. If we have directed them to you, we will let you know first.

If they have not yet spoken to the media relations team, but you can answer their questions appropriately, then speak with them as you feel comfortable. Afterward, please contact the media relations team and let us know who you have spoken to, provide an overview of the conversation and indicate if follow-up is needed.

If the topic is not within your area of expertise, or you do not feel comfortable answering their questions, please redirect the reporter to the media relations team. E-mail or call us with the reporter’s name, number, topic and deadline.

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