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Who Is Responsible For What?

Building the Biola brand is a team effort in which every member of the Biola community plays an important part. The Biola brand is the sum of the experiences that individuals have whenever they are exposed to our community or message. To consistently communicate our brand, each department must play a particular role in making that happen. But the question remains, “Who is responsible for what when it comes to branding?” Since University Communications and Marketing has three basic functions (brand marketing, direct marketing, and customer relationship management), it is important to understand the role that UCM plays in each area, and in relation to the Biola community.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is concerned with building an image (or perception) and creating an awareness of that image in the minds of an organization’s constituents. This involves any effort that creates first impressions or communicates the organization’s identity. UCM is charged with the responsibility of developing and managing the Biola's brand. This includes first-impression and critical identity publications, events, advertisements and digital media communications.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is concerned with generating response or action among constituents, based on what they know about the organization through its brand marketing efforts. Direct marketing efforts extend beyond UCM’s direct responsibilities and are usually undertaken by individual campus departments. Direct marketing efforts can also serve a brand marketing function. For example, a viewbook may be used as a first-impression piece (when picked up at a college fair) or as a critical identity piece (used to inform donors, parents, etc.), in addition to the direct marketing goal of recruitment. In these cases, UCM would assume the role of managing these efforts.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is concerned with delivering the brand promise to constituents and retaining constituents by delivering on the brand promise. Every employee in an organization is responsible for customer relationship management. However, as in direct marketing, there are customer relationship management efforts that also serve a brand marketing function. For example, efforts like Biola Magazine (which is also used as a first-impression piece) and public relations (which serves a critical identity function) are crucial to brand marketing. In instances like these, UCM would assume the role of managing these efforts.

Note: To ensure quality communication with Biola’s various constituents, a true partnership must exist between UCM and others across the campus responsible for communicating with constituents.

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