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Adjunct Faculty Guide Dept: Provost's Office Revised: May 10th, 2013

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Welcome! This site is intended to give you information on resources and procedures that will assist you in your teaching role here at Biola. Our hope is that the guidance found here will save you time and allow you to focus on the primary objective of equipping the men and women whom you teach, in mind and character, to impact the world for the Lord Jesus Christ.

This section of the Biola University website is intended for those who have already been hired in an adjunct teaching role. If you are interested in being considered as a candidate for teaching at Biola, either in a full-time or adjunct capacity, we also welcome you, and we would like to refer you to the appropriate academic department. Your first contact should be in the academic areas where you feel your knowledge and experience are most applicable. Your application process is initiated with that academic department.

The Biola website is an excellent source of information of the university as a whole and the department you are interested in. Then, to make contact with the academic department of your choice, you may call the main Biola number, (562) 903-6000, and asked to be connected to that department.

Briefly, two basic categories are presented here- "Things to Do" and "Available Resources." We hope these will shorten the time it takes you to become effective in carrying out your teaching responsibilities at Biola.

Orientation Information

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Things to Do


Once the academic department has extended its offer, the Executive Assistant for the Provost coordinates the paperwork and procedures related to your hiring. This person will contact you and arrange for you to sign your contract. You will then be provided with a copy of the contract.

New Hire Forms

At the time of signing your contract, the Executive Assistant will also have you complete the additional forms associated with your hiring, including the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, the W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate, and the Faculty Information sheet.

Biola Identification Number

The Executive Assistant will provide you with a Biola ID Number (if you have previously been associated with Biola as a student, faculty or staff member, you will retain the initial Biola ID number which was issued to you).

Biola Identification Card

Once you have your Biola ID number, you may proceed to the Student Services counter (below the Biola Bookstore; entrance across from the Gym) where you can obtain your Biola ID card. While obtaining an ID card is optional, it is recommended because the card is useful for many purposes, listed in the online Employee Handbook, Section 2.21, Identification Cards. Among the more vital services available with the card would be Biola Library usage, plus discounts on food and beverages and a discount at the Biola Bookstore.

Information Packet

Once the paperwork relative to your hiring has been processed, you will receive a packet with information on several topics that are important to all faculty and staff members at Biola University.

  1. Biola’s Policy regarding Sexual Harassment, its prohibition and procedures for dealing with any problem situations. Because of Biola’s Christian values, we seek to maintain an environment that is completely free of any undesirable behavior that would undermine our mission of biblically centered education, scholarship and service.
  2. Safety/Ergonomics guidelines; the Occupational Safety Coordinator in Human Resources will provide basic reminders about safety and ergonomics in conjunction with your teaching activities
  3. An overview of the faculty-specific features contained in my.Biola;
  4. FERPA/Buckley Amendment Regulations ; the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 – a summary, regarding privacy issues related to broad categories of student records.
  5. New adjunct faculty members need to read the information provided and return the enclosed form acknowledging receipt of this material to Human Resources.

Access to Classrooms

Consult with the department for whom you are teaching to discuss procedures for getting your designated classroom(s) unlocked, if they happen to be locked when you arrive. Depending on the location and time of day, the room may/may not already be unlocked. As a backup option, you may always call the Switchboard (dial "0"; the Switchboard is located to one side of the Metzger Lobby)

Obtain Password for E-mail Account

E-mail is the most prevalent method of communication with students, fellow faculty and staff. You may elect to have an account on the Biola system or you may prefer to use a personal e-mail address that you already have established. With either your Biola or personal e-mail account, you can communicate with your students. To obtain a Biola account, please go to the Administrative Assistant's desk in the Information Technology office area between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm (located in lower Metzger, adjacent to the Computer Lab - these passwords cannot be given out over the phone).

Obtain Net ID (Faculty And Staff) Password

There are several important resources available to you in the special, password-protected section of the Biola website. To access these features, such as class rosters, and submitting grades electronically at the end of a term, you will need to obtain a Net ID Password. This is obtainable from the same person referred to above (in regard to getting a Biola e-mail account), and can be obtained on the same visit.

Parking Permit

You may obtain a Parking Permit from the Campus Safety Office. This will provide you with free parking on campus, and will prevent you from receiving parking tickets. Certain lots are designated for Faculty & Staff parking only during the day. On the Campus Map, online Employee Handbook Section 1.51, lots B, C, F, H, and O are the designated Faculty/Staff lots, during the daytime. If these lots are full, you may park in any of the other lots, which are also open to students. At night, on-campus parking is open, without restrictions, except for disabled parking spaces and those designated as reserved.

Availible Resources

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Faculty Development at Biola

The vitality of Biola University, and the ability to successfully fulfill its stated mission, is directly tied to the success and vitality of the faculty. Biola faculty has a reputation for desiring to invest their lives in their academic disciplines and in Christian ministry, and for developing and maintaining strong interpersonal relationships with students and colleagues.  The Faculty Development Office is here to provide the institutional support necessary to keep up this reputation. To accomplish this we provide faculty with the tools and information they will need to be successful. While adjunct faculty have unique concerns, they have similar needs as fulltime faculty, and can receive help from the Faculty Development Office. Some of the services you may be able to utilize are centered in the Instructional Services Department, where professionals are available to help you develop and enhance your teaching technologies for more effective pedagogy, as well as a collection of materials and texts on various pedagogical issues. There are also in-service training seminars that are periodically offered, including those to facilitate a higher level of professional job competency. Further, there are mentoring opportunities in which faculty are paired with a senior scholar, and given the opportunity to meet regularly for proactive guidance.

Online Faculty Handbook

In addition to the information in the section devoted specifically to adjunct faculty at Biola, there is an entire section of Faculty Handbook information online, which you are encouraged to peruse. Bearing in mind that some of the information found there will be applicable only to full-time faculty, you are welcome to browse through this area, as there will still be much helpful information that applies to your adjunct role at this time. 

E-mail Features

With your Gmail account, one of the most common applications is that you can create a group address for each class you are teaching, thus simplifying communication with them. A guide to using the features of Gmail is included in the Information packet you will receive.

Tools within my.Biola

With your Net ID password, you can access some vital functions in the password-protected part of the Biola websites. Included are: class rosters; E-grading (Electronic submission of grades); create/edit your bio; and the student directory. For information on using these features, contact the Manager of Student Record Services in the Office of the Registrar (x 4720). Each semester, brief seminars are also provided to further acquaint you with the procedures for electronically submitting grades - Biola encourages you to use this method for turning in grades at the end of each term.

Workers Compensation

If you ever get injured while working for Biola, there are resources available to treat you, and corresponding procedures and paperwork that need to be followed. Depending on the time of day, day of the week, and severity of the injury, you may go to the Health Center on campus, or to an off-campus healthcare provider, as described in the online Employee Handbook, Section 5.31, Workers Compensation Insurance.

Campus Safety

Biola has one or more officers on duty, 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. To reach them, you may dial x4877 (M-F, 8:00 am-4:00 pm), or "zero"  (evenings and weekends).

Emergency Situations

In the event of a medical or other emergency situation while you are on campus, you should immediately dial x5111, - if you have ready access to a campus phone - which puts you in touch with the Switchboard and Campus Safety. (The reason you dial 5111 rather than "zero" is that 5111 shows up at the Switchboard as a priority call so that it may be responded to before other, routine calls). Note : if you do not have access to a campus phone, you may use a cell phone to call 562-903-6000, which connects you directly to the campus Operator).

Facilities Problems

(other than locked doors) If you encounter problems with light, a room being excessively hot/cold, a student reports a leak in an adjacent bathroom, etc., you should call x4897, M-F, 7:00 am-3:30 pm) or "zero" in the evening or on weekends. During the day, M-F, staff from Facilities Services are available to fix things. In the evening, someone from Facilities Management is on call, but that is only to respond to major emergencies.

Payroll Procedures

Adjunct faculty are paid twice a month, near the fifteenth, and on the last working day of the month. If you wish to, you may have your pay deposited directly into your bank account. To sign up for Direct Deposit, you can submit a form in the Human Resources or Accounting offices.

Publications on Campus

In addition to departmental newsletters and journals, several campus-wide publications are available to you.  

Inside Story is an electronic newsletter for faculty and staff. The Chimes is the student newspaper, which is normally published weekly during Fall and Spring semesters and placed at numerous distribution points on campus in bulk, for you to pick up when you see it. Thursday is the normal day for issues to arrive. Connections is the quarterly Biola magazine published by the Marketing Communications department. To be placed on the mailing list for Connections, contact the Constituency Records department with that request.

Course packs / Copyright Issues

The Biola Bookstore assists faculty with preparation of course pack copies, including the copyright clearance of materials that the teacher has assembled. Procedures are outlined in the online Employee Handbook, Section 6.21, Bookstore.

The Biola Print Shop

Biola is fortunate to have the Biola Print Shop on campus that offers a wide range of services. Their capabilities are described in online Employee Handbook, Section 6.23, Biola Print Shop. They welcome personal, non-Biola related jobs in addition to your course-related duplicating needs. Staff from the the Biola Print Shop make regular rounds to pick up job requests and drop off completed orders. You may also e-mail or walk orders over to them.

Mailing Services

You can send and receive on-campus mail from your department's office. Interoffice envelopes are available in your department for sending campus mail. You can also go to the Post Office on campus, located on the Plaza next to the coffee shop, Common Grounds, to purchase stamps or send personal packages via U.S. Mail, UPS, or Fed-Ex. Their normal daily hours are 8:00 - 3:00, M-F, although there are seasonal variations in those hours.

Telephone Information

Your department's administrative assistant and/or the staff of IT (x 4740) can help you obtain a current directory of Biola faculty and staff telephone numbers. Additional helpful information is included in the online Employee Handbook, Section 6.8, Telephone Systems. One vital part of that information is a segment called "Calls to Biola From Off-Campus." Not all calls to the campus begin with (562) - 903-XXXX; a concise guide to making these calls is available in Section 6.8.

Travel on Biola-Related Business

While it may be rare for an adjunct to travel for Biola-related purposes, there is information that is helpful should the need arise. If there is an occasion when you are traveling for Biola, and reservations are needed, Biola's Purchasing Department provides assistance in that regard. If you are driving on Biola business and the situation calls for you to be reimbursed for mileage, guidelines for Expense reports are found in the online Employee Handbook, Section 6.7, Accounting.

Campus Tours

If your teaching assignment is your first experience with Biola, there are ways for you to get acquainted with the campus. Tours are offered on a regular basis, starting from the visitors Welcome Desk in the Metzger lobby. Because schedules vary with the time of year and expected number of guests, you can call 562 - 903 - 4752 to check on current tour starting times and to sign up for one. Tours typically last one hour. Also, there are some photos on the Biola website. You may also download and print the online Campus Map.

Organizational Charts

To gain a perspective on the structure of the university, and to see how the various departments are aligned in their reporting relationships, you can go to the Inside Story Online, Section "Tools" Organizational Chart.

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Section 1.7 of the Online Employee Handbook has an extensive list of acronyms and abbreviations which are explained. These range from Biola-specific terms to federal laws and national organizations that relate to higher education.

Chapel Services

You are encouraged to attend any of the Chapel services which are held for undergraduates or graduate students. During the Fall and Spring semesters, undergraduate chapel services are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings in Chase Gym. Fall of '04 will see a move to back-to-back, basically identical services, so you will be able to attend either of the 2 time slots (to be announced). The traditional time block has been 9:30-10:20 am. Talbot School of Theology has a regular Tuesday morning service (9:30-10:20) during Fall and Spring semesters; these chapels take place in Calvary Chapel. Inside Story lists the coming week's undergraduate and Talbot Chapel speakers. Also, semester and/or academic year chapel programming lists are available through the Chaplain's office (x 5156; for undergraduate chapels) and at Talbot (x 5508).

During January (Interterm) and the summer, a significantly modified schedule of chapels is usually announced. Additional chapel opportunities include the services held by Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology, Reconciliation Chapels (organized through the office of Multi-ethnic Programs), and Chapels conducted in Spanish.


Your department head can advise you of the specific supplies that you will be provided with, or for which you can be reimbursed. Usually, your department administrative assistant will assist you in obtaining the supplies that Biola will be providing for your work. In brief, there are three sources from which those supplies may be obtained: (1) Central Stores (the Warehouse) where common office supplies are stocked; (2) The Biola Bookstore, where each department head has signing authority for purchasing supplies used in the course of doing departmental work; and (3) the Purchasing Department, through which supplies from any off-campus vendor may be ordered. Your department will also guide you regarding the completion of Expense Reports, should it be necessary for Biola to reimburse you for supplies you have purchased. The online Employee Handbook, Section 6.7, Accounting includes important information on Expense Report documentation and procedures.

Student Health Center Services

While existing primarily to serve the student population, Biola's Health Center also provides service to faculty and staff in certain situations. If you need first aid while on campus, you may go to the Health Center, next to the Library, during daytime hours. In the evening, contact the Biola switchboard in the event of a first aid need (dial "zero" unless it is an emergency (see "Emergency Situations' elsewhere in this resource section). In the waiting room area of the Health Center, certain over-the-counter medications and supplies, such as aspirin, are available for the taking, in small quantities. In most years, flu shots are offered for a nominal fee during the autumn. If you have questions, the Health Center may be reached at x 4841.

Catered Food on Campus

It is permissible to bring in snacks and soft drinks to a class, or to order pizzas locally. For any meal or more formal reception, we order such services through Bon Appetit, the food provider with the contract to serve us on campus. Your department secretary can assist you with such arrangements.

Recreation & Fitness Opportunities

You are welcome to make use of Biola's Fitness Center (on the northeast side of the Gym) and also the Swimming Pool. Both facilities require that you have a Biola Identification Card; the procedures for obtaining it are outlined in the "Things To Do" section, above. For current operational hours for these facilities, you may call x 5943 (fitness Center) or x 5943 (Aquatics). The hours for both the Fitness Center and the Swimming Pool fluctuate throughout the year, depending on the academic calendar and related activities.

Computer Labs

Biola has computer labs available in the Library. While primarily for student use, faculty may also make use of them as needed. Additional information regarding computer labs and computer equipped classrooms may be found at

Student Affairs Departments

Within Student Affairs are a number of departments and staff who you may have occasion to talk with. Under the umbrella of Community Life, Residence Life staff oversee life within Biola housing. Housing Services coordinates room assignments. Also, Student Ministries coordinates many off-campus ministry activities, which our students participate in. These range from visiting an orphanage in Tijuana to serving meals to homeless people in inner-city Los Angeles. In the Student Development aspect of Student Affairs, Career Development provides resources for students to plan their future professional lives, plus Multi-Ethnic Programs and International Student Services offer a variety of services. Student Transitions helps both entering and graduating students prepare for their new environments. Leadership Development assists students in on-campus leadership positions (such as those in Associated Students (student government) jobs in developing appropriate leadership skills. Two departments that an adjunct faculty member may communicate with more than others are Disability Services and Learning Assistance Services . In regard to any students who may have or exhibit special needs or potentially could benefit from services offered by either area, you are encouraged to contact staff in these offices, located in the Student Services area, under the Biola Bookstore (the area where you obtained your Biola ID card.)

Biola's Intercollegiate Athletic Teams

Biola fields a number of mens and womens teams and you are invited to enjoy their games, as we compete in the Golden State Athletic Conference, part of the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics). Your Biola ID card entitles you and any immediate family members to free admission to Volleyball and Basketball regular season games in Chase Gym. Outdoor games are free of charge to all spectators. Information on schedules, rosters and results can be found in the Athletics section of the Biola website.

Biola Counseling Center

Located in The Professional Building (near the southwest corner of Imperial Highway/ La Mirada Boulevard, the Counseling Center is open to the public, and also provides confidential services to students, faculty and staff at discounted rates. Their direct phone number is 562 - 903 - 4800.

Community Programs & Services

Also located in the Professional Building, Community Programs and Services offers a number of outreach programs that serve people in the community with a primary focus on youth, and homeschooled youth in particular. STAR (Supplemental Tutoring of Academic Requirements) has many convenient locations in the surrounding area (often in church facilities) where home-schooled students may supplement their in-home learning. Biola Youth Instrumental Music offers a variety of orchestra and ensemble group opportunities. Biola Youth Theatre presents several high-quality musical theatre productions each year. You may have children who would be interested in participating, or you may know of other's children who could benefit from such opportunities. The direct phone is 562 - 903 - 4735.

Obtaining Cash on Campus

There are two methods of obtaining cash while on campus. An ATM is located in the lower level of the Student Union Building. It is operated by Southwest Federal Credit Union. If you belong to a credit union, there is no fee surcharge for using the machine. (Biola has relationship with two credit unions, in case you are interested in joining one. There are the southwest, and ECCU (Evangelical Christian Credit Union). Information on contacting either organization can be found in the online Employee Handbook, Section 5.8, Credit Unions. The other way to obtain cash is by going to the Cashiers Window in lower Metzger, between 10:30 am - 3:30 pm (note: during the summer, The Cashier's Office is closed from 12:00 - 1:00 pm). You must show your Biola ID card to cash a personal check (write your Biola ID number on the check) . There is no service fee for cashing personal checks, the limit of which is $200.

Music at Noon

During Fall and Spring semesters, there is usually a free half-hour concert on Wednesdays, starting at the whimsical time of 12:30. These concerts are in the Crowell Hall Auditorium.

Biola Women's Fellowship

From September through May, BWF holds a monthly luncheon and program, open to any woman faculty or staff member. You may ask other women faculty of staff for names of current contact persons so that you might receive information on these gatherings.

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