Biblically Centered Education
Gift Fund Section 9.61 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: August 1st, 2014

Gift Fund For Faculty Professional Development And Related Travel

Biola University has instituted a gift fund related to the academic programs which makes it possible for donations to be received when faculty have the opportunity to minister or teach overseas. Application for use of this fund must be supported by the following documentation:

  1. That the ministry or teaching is directly related to, or is in, the academic specialty of the faculty member.
  2. That the university will realize either as a consequence of publication or as a consequence of impact in its curriculum or classroom teaching some direct benefit on its educational mission from this travel.
  3. That the trip clearly be something which is not purely for the benefit of the individual faculty member and that the organization providing the invitation, or the place of ministry be recognized as one of substance within the evangelical traditions historically affirmed and supported by Biola University.
  4. That the faculty member submit a formal application indicating the ways in which the proposed travel meet the above criteria.
  5. That the application require the approval of the Academic Policies Committee of the instructional school and be forwarded to the Director of Finance with the support of the school dean.

Donated funds shall be assigned to the Faculty Development Professional Fund, 221000-440030.

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