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General Responsibilities Section 9.11 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: August 1st, 2014

In addition to the normal faculty responsibilities of teaching, counseling, maintaining records, and supporting the school's policies and philosophies that are discussed elsewhere in this handbook or in the individual instructional school's manual, the following details should be noted.

Office Hours for Student Advisement

No set pattern of office hours is established for the entire faculty. Office hours should be posted on office doors so that students can arrange to meet for counseling or guidance. No fewer than eight (8) hours per week are expected to be available and posted for helping students. The schedule should be worked out with the department chairperson or dean, as appropriate. The schedule will frequently include more than eight (8) hours. The graduate program often will require additional time with students, especially in their writing of theses or dissertations.

Faculty Meetings

All-university faculty meetings, presided over by the Provost, are held occasionally. Faculty meetings of the instructional schools, presided over by the respective deans, are held regularly.

Attendance at all faculty meetings is expected of all full-time faculty unless excused in advance by the Provost or dean of the school. A faculty member who has been absent is responsible to check with a fellow faculty member for information and announcements given.

Faculty Committees

All full-time faculty members are expected to be available to serve on one or more all-university committees and/or individual school faculty committees. Committee meetings are called by the respective chairpersons. Because much of the faculty business is transacted in committee meetings, it is expected that these will have priority over other appointments other than for scheduled instruction.

Faculty Prayer Meetings

The privilege of meeting together to pray for individual needs and for those of the university is afforded faculty members in formal and informal prayer sessions. Each one is encouraged to use these opportunities. They provide mutual support and encouragement.

Chapel Services and Special Meetings

Regularly scheduled chapel services are held for undergraduates and separately for graduate students of each of the schools. Occasional all-university chapels are held. The faculty member is urged to attend regularly these services as well as other special services and programs within his/her particular school.

Faculty attendance is expected at such occasions as faculty workshop, convocation, and commencement. Academic garb is required for commencement. Those not owning such may rent them at current rates through the Alumni/University Relations Office.

New Student Orientation and Registration

Full-time faculty members may be asked by the Dean of Student Development, the dean of the instructional school, or the University Registrar to serve in a special capacity during new student orientation or registration. Because of the importance of these functions to the students, faculty are expected to accept the responsibility assigned.

Faculty Workload in Interterm and Summer Session

The workload assignment for a faculty member teaching a full load in an interterm or summer session is normally based upon the principle of one faculty teaching unit per week of instruction. It is recognized that class schedules do not always fit this formula, as for example when a four-unit course is scheduled in its entirety for a three-week term. However, any exceptions, for this or for any other reason, must be approved specifically in advance by the school dean. Faculty should not teach more than ten (10) semester units in Interterm/summer session combined in any one academic year.

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