Biblically Centered Education
Special Contract Faculty Section 8.24 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: August 1st, 2014

Special Contract Faculty status is accorded to certain individuals in the schools within the university who have the appropriate educational and professional experience and who are assigned by agreement to teaching, research, or other academic duties without compensation from the university.

Faculty Privileges Include:

  • Membership in the university faculty through an appointment to a non-tenure track professional rank.
  • Attendance at general faculty meetings.
  • Involvement and participation in faculty committees, other than school and university personnel committees, as assigned by the department chair and the school dean.
  • Sabbatical leave but without compensation from the university (see Section 8.6).

Procedure for Appointment:

Normal faculty non-tenure track hiring procedures will be followed through the department chair and the dean, with the Provost’s Office making the final approval/disapproval decision.

Procedure for Promotion:

After completion of two consecutive years, Special Contract Faculty may apply for promotion within and across rank under the same conditions as non-tenure track regular faculty (see Section 8.3, Track A).

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