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Special Appointment Faculty Section 8.23 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: July 23rd, 2013

Special Appointment Faculty status may be accorded to certain employees whose educational and professional credentials warrant consideration of this standing.  In particular, this appointment is for two groups: 1. Those qualified administrators who regularly teach a course in one of the schools.  2. Those academically qualified instructional librarians who have the rank of Librarian 1 or above.

Faculty Privileges

Special Appointment Faculty are not members of the Regular Faculty but may be invited to participate in faculty functions at the discretion of the Provost.

This status of Special Appointment Faculty does not accord the recipient the provision of tenure, sabbatical leave or formal professorial rank.

Procedure for Appointment

  1. Application submitted to the Office of the Provost through the appropriate dean or vice president.
  2. The Provost reviews application and academic credentials and consults as appropriate with the dean of the instructional school or other appropriate supervisory personnel.
  3. Interview of the applicant may be included at the discretion of the Provost.
  4. Approval/disapproval decision is made by the Provost and communicated by written notice to applicant with a copy to the appropriate dean and/or vice president.

Procedure for Promotion

  1. Library Special Appointment Faculty are considered for promotion through their respective approved Promotional Policies and Procedures.
  2. The Provost shall review the applications of all Special Appointment Faculty being considered for promotion and communicate approval or disapproval of the promotional recommendation in writing to the appropriate dean or vice-president.
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