Biblically Centered Education
Faculty Code of Ethics Section 7.5 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: August 1st, 2014

As a faculty member of Biola University, you are encouraged and exhorted . . .

  1. To profess and strive to exemplify in your own life the principles and precepts of biblical Christianity.
  2. To teach by example as well as by precept.
  3. To express your allegiance to the university by knowing and following established rules and procedures.
  4. To be a positive representative of the university in your public professional contacts.
  5. To cooperate sympathetically and actively with other faculty, staff, and administration in contributing to the development of mature, informed, and committed Christian students.
  6. To refrain from disparaging criticism and hasty judgment of fellow workers.
  7. To refrain from competition with colleagues for students and advantages.
  8. To accept your fair share of required non-teaching responsibilities such as committee work, student advisement, etc.
  9. To be friendly and accessible to your students while maintaining a comfortable dignity of your position.
  10. To give proper credit for material borrowed for classroom use (including student productions).
  11. To recognize the students' right to receive quality instruction which exposes them to the essentials of the subject.
  12. To strive to integrate Christian truth and the subject matter which you teach.
  13. To respect the right of students to ask questions.
  14. To strive for a fair and unprejudiced evaluation of student work within the framework of the university's grading system.
  15. To hold in confidence the information you receive in student interviews except as such information may be required in your line of duty.
  16. To cooperate with the student personnel officers in the development of the students' Christian character and personal integrity.
  17. To devote time consistently to research and exploration of your own field of accomplishment and to provide the highest caliber of classroom teaching.
  18. To be consistent in your personal devotional life including Bible reading, prayer, and active church life as essential elements. Inasmuch as the Bible is foundational to the curriculum at Biola and because it is the source and nourisher of faith and fruitfulness, you are urged to continually deepen your knowledge of Scripture and your devotional life. You are also urged to be faithful in your attendance and support of a local evangelical church.
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