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Faculty Handbook Purpose Section 7.2 Dept: Provost's Office Revised: July 1st, 2015

The Biola University Faculty Handbook has been prepared in order to provide essential information concerning the philosophy, objectives, and organization of Biola University and the details of responsibility and procedure that are expected of members of the university faculty. Faculty members are expected to be aware of the contents of this handbook and to comply with policies and procedures contained herein. A segment of the handbook is applicable to adjunct faculty and provides helpful guidelines and information for those who serve in the instructional faculty on a semester basis. That segment follows Section 9 of the handbook. Policy and procedure statements that relate directly to individual schools within the university may be obtained from the dean of the particular school.

Biola University reserves the right to amend or modify the provisions of this Faculty Handbook from time to time, as is determined by the Provost with the concurrence of the University Faculty Personnel Committee to be in the best interests of the university, its faculty, and students. Faculty members shall be notified in writing of any such changes, including specification of the dates on which they become effective.

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