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Donation Opportunities Section 6.52 Dept: Development Services Revised: April 20th, 2015

As employees of Biola University, faculty and staff have many opportunities to assist students with their financial needs. Employees can donate funds to the Biola Fund Student Aid, the Faculty/Staff Scholarship Fund, and numerous departmental scholarships. This kind of participation in the university community reaches beyond job-specific duties and enriches the Biola experience. All scholarship donations are tax-deductible and can be automatically deducted from employees’ paychecks.

Faculty/Staff Scholarship Fund

Eligibility is determined by financial need and demonstration of excellence (spiritual, academic, ministry, service, etc.). Faculty and staff members are the sole contributors to the fund. Each donation is split three ways: 50% goes directly into the current year's scholarship fund, 45% goes into endowment to build a solid base for the future, and the remaining 5% is used to help students with emergency needs. Part of the interest earned by the endowment is used for scholarships.

Only students who are nominated by an employee are considered for an award and all employees—regardless of whether they have contributed to the scholarship—may nominate students. Once a year (typically in the spring) all Biola faculty and staff are given the opportunity to nominate one or more students for consideration as potential recipients of a grant for the fund. The following guidelines are intended to help a faculty or staff member know who might be considered a worthy nominee:

  • Both undergraduate and graduate level students are eligible for consideration.
  • The Selection Committee gives special consideration to upper level students in order to encourage them to graduate from Biola. Special consideration is also given to students with financial need, as determined by Financial Aid.
  • Nominees must have demonstrated financial need in order to qualify.
  • Because grants that are awarded at the end of the (spring) nomination and selection process are applied to the following semester/academic year, students should have at least one semester or full year of Biola remaining after the semester in which nominations are submitted.
  • Nominees should demonstrate spiritual commitment, maturity, and a Christ-like character.
  • Nominees should not be on academic probation.
  • Nominees who stand out are those who demonstrate service in ministry, either within the Biola community or elsewhere.
  • Students may be nominated for excellence in extra-curricular activities.

A committee comprised of faculty and staff members from departments across campus meets to review the nominations and make award decisions. The chairperson of the committee is presently the Coordinator of Presidential Donor Relations and Endowed Scholarships.

Biola Fund Student Aid

Every year, the university grants approximately $2.5 million in scholarships through the Biola Fund, which provides key, unrestricted tuition assistance to students. By providing unrestricted scholarship assistance, the Biola Fund enables students with financial challenges to attend Biola. These scholarships are evaluated and awarded by the university’s Financial Aid office.

Staff and faculty members who commit to a minimum annual gift of $1,200 (payable via bi-monthly payroll deductions of $50) become members of the President’s Circle and receive invitations to special donor events throughout the year.  For more information, visit

Departmental Scholarships

For information about specific departmental scholarships, please contact the Coordinator for Endowed & Restricted Scholarships at ext. 4825.

How to Make a Scholarship Donation

For all scholarships, employees may choose to contribute through either periodic one-time gifts by check or credit card, or by payroll deduction. One-time gifts may be directed to the Development Services office, reachable at ext. 4774. Forms for authorizing payroll deduction of the employee’s contribution to the fund are available in both Accounting and Human Resources. Contributions are fully tax-deductible and Biola provides annual documentation for tax records.

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