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Fundraising Projects Section 6.51 Dept: Development Services Revised: April 20th, 2015

The Development department must approve all fundraising activities in writing. This protects Biola, ensures compliance with IRS and ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) standards, and coordinates fundraising efforts.

Departmental Fundraising

Any employee interested in raising donations for a university project or purpose should obtain approval from the Senior Director of Stewardship and Resource Development (ext. 4787) before initiating any fundraising activity. He/She will also provide guidance and direction to fundraising efforts.

Student Fundraising

Written approval is required for all student fundraising projects, as follows:

  • Approval of the project and definition of its relative priority by the Senior Director of Stewardship and Resource Development and the Provost.
  • Approval of the financial integrity of the project by the Vice President of Financial Affairs.
  • Approval of the process and definition of prospective funding sources by the Manager of Development Services.

To help facilitate the student fundraising process, please complete a Pre-Proposal Form for Fundraising Projects (available from Development Services, located in Upper Metzger).

Processing Donations

To ensure that donors receive appropriate tax-deductible receipts, all donations must be submitted to the university cashier, using a Donation Transmittal Form (available from Development Services or the cashier) or an In-Kind-Gift Form, if the donation is anything other than cash, a check, or a credit card donation (available from TIES in Lower Metzger).

Please note the following guidelines:

  • All checks must be made payable to Biola University (or Talbot School of Theology or Rosemead School of Psychology, if applicable). The donor may write the project or department name in the memo line of the check.
  • Gifts that benefit an individual person are not tax-deductible. All donations received must be applied to a department or student team’s expenses as a whole, even if an individual made the request for funds. The name of the individual who requested the donation must not appear anywhere on the donor’s check.
  • If the gift is for anything other than the Biola Fund Student Aid, a note designating the restrictions of the donation must accompany the gift.
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