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University Communications & Marketing Section 6.5 Dept: University Communications & Marketing Revised: April 20th, 2011

Marketing Mission Statement

University Communications and Marketing exists to develop an integrated marketing communications plan for Biola University and its six schools that supports the mission and vision of the university, branding the school as a center for Christian thought and spiritual renewal, and promoting goodwill to all its stakeholders.

University Communications and Marketing is responsible for developing and managing a branding campaign that promotes the image of Biola through the services of advertising, print production, media relations, crisis management, web communications, events, videography, internal communications, social media, magazines and journals, and market research.

University Communications and Marketing strives to provide exemplary service to university constituents and to the broader community, creating long lasting positive impressions, experiences, and relationships on behalf of Biola University and for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Communication Standards

Biola’s integrated approach to marketing allows the university to coordinate all of its messages to increase brand effectiveness and consistency across broad audiences. Biola's community is asked to support the following communication standards so as to maintain uniformity and familiarity as we work towards achieving stragetic efforts that will:

  • Raise Biola’s awareness, profile, and university brand
  • Inform stakeholders of the university’s mission and vision
  • Ensure the highest quality of all forms of communication
  • Align with Biola’s new strategic plan
  • Meet enrollment and fundraising goals

The department of University Communications and Marketing strives to represent the university's mission with a brand that positions Biola as a distinct Christian university, known for biblically centered education. UCM is charged with the responsibility to provide the university with professional communication services in the following areas:

  • Advertising
  • Creative Production
  • Crisis Communications
  • Events Coordination
  • Internal Communications
  • Marketing Research and Consultation
  • Media Relations
  • Magazines and Journals
  • Public Relations
  • Video Production
  • Web Design & Development

The communication standards should be applied to communications representing or promoting Biola University’s schools, its co-curricular, athletic, and outreach programs, regardless of funding. UCM should be involved at initial planning phases to develop an integrated plan for promotion; especially before any project expenses are incurred. All media queries representing news, radio, television, or digital media should also be directed to UCM.

Examples of the communication standards apply to and include:

  • Communication for external stakeholders, such as brocures, websites, posters, postcards, newsletters, multi-media presentations (DVDs, videos)
  • Advertisements - design and placement, broadcast, televised, video, or print
  • Media requests, press releases, interviews for television, radio, news, or digital media

Exceptions to the communication standards include:            

  • Articles for journals, magazines
  • Announcements for internal campus activities
  • Personal correspondence
  • Authoring books

By following these communication standards, Biola will project a strong and uniformed brand complementing the excellence of our university.

Marketing the Biola Brand

Who is responsible for what?

Building the Biola brand is a team effort in which every member of the Biola community plays an important part. The Biola brand is the sum of the experiences that individuals have whenever they are exposed to our community or message. To consistently communicate our brand, each department must play a particular role in making that happen. But the question remains, "Who is responsible for what when it comes to branding?" Since University Communications and Marketing has three basic functions (brand marketing, direct marketing, and customer relationship management), it is important to understand the role that UCM plays in each area and in relation to the Biola community.

Brand Marketing

Brand marketing is concerned with building an image (or perception) and creating an awareness of that image in the minds of an organizations constituents. This involves any effort that creates first impressions or communicates the organization's identity. UCM is charged with the responsibility of developing and managing the Biola brand. This includes first-impression and critical identity publications, events, advertisements, and digital media communications.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is concerned with generating response or action among constituents based on what they know about the organization through its brand marketing efforts. Direct marketing efforts extend beyond UCM's direct responsibilities and are usually undertaken by individual campus departments. Direct marketing efforts can also serve a brand marketing function. For example, a viewbook may be used as a first-impression piece (when picked up at a college fair) or as a critical identity piece (used to inform donors, parents, etc.) in addition to the direct marketing goal of recruitment. In these cases, UCM would assume the role of managing these efforts.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is concerned with delivering the brand promise to constituents and retaining constituents by delivering on the brand promise. Every employee in an organization is responsible for customer relationship management. However, as in direct marketing, there are customer relationship management efforts that also serve a brand marketing function. For example, efforts like Biola Magazine (which is also used as a first-impression piece) and public relations (which serve a critical identity function) are crucial to brand marketing. In instances like these, UCM would assume the role of managing these efforts. To ensure quality communication with Biola's various constituents, a true partnership must exist between UCM and others across the campus responsible for communicating with constituents.

UCM Services

Production time varies depending on the service and marketing material requested. The following time-period estimations provide assistance through the planning process. The examples listed are representative of general project categories. The time-period estimations are from the day the project is initiated to the day the product is received.

Graphic Design

Good design can mean the difference between being heard and being ignored. Through relevant messaging and well-orchestrated design concepts, specific goals and audiences can be reached by using compelling imagery and thoughtful execution. The UCM Design Studio reflects Biola's image accurately, effectively, and professionally via materials and advertising, printed and online.

Our production schedule averages 50 concurrent projects and we complete over 800 design jobs every year. We request six weeks of production time for all jobs, from job inception to delivery. Please note that significant projects such as marketing campaigns, booklets, and catalogs require three to six months. Minor edits to existing designs require less time, but must still be fit into a busy production schedule. Rush jobs put a heavy strain on our schedule and designers and result in inferior design products. As such, they are subject to rush fees at the discretion of the Studio Manager. Please plan ahead accordingly. 

Web and Interactive Media Design

Web sites and online experiences communicate the brand of Biola University to all audiences and set new standards of excellence in higher education. We provide client services through the entire design process: consultation, information architecture, usability testing, content management solutions, production, maintenance, and metrics.

Video Production

Video is a powerful way to captivate audiences and provide them with rich, unique experiences that convey a message. Whether in-person at an event, on-demand to a Web browser or cell phone, distributed on a DVD, or streaming live around the world, UCM's video production team can provide a custom solution to help you reach your goals.


Photography can tell a whole story in just one moment. Whether it's covering an event or pulling off a well-orchestrated campaign shoot, capturing the right image will set the tone for whatever it is you'd like to say.


Advertising deliveres research-driven campaigns to build awareness of Biola and it's many brands and encourage prospective students to respond to Biola's message. UCM's university advertising oversees the strategy, creative direction, placement, purchasing, and tracking of advertising.


Successful events are a key way to establish a positive impression and a Biola experience that motivates the constituent to an appropriate action. UCM's University Events office coordinates major university-wide evetns such as commencement, Founders Week, the annual employee Christmas party, university anniversary celebrations, and other specality events as needed. Additionally, UCM works in a consulting role with other events departments on campus to ensure clear communication of presidential initiatives for an integrated event planning community.


Never underestimate the importance of crisp, compelling writing. For your project to be a success, your advertisements, Web pages, brochures, and fliers need to interest and engage your readers. Following university guidelines, UCM writers use their experience with style and research from a history of projects that provides an advantage when it comes to writing content for any university projects.

Social Media Promotion

UCM oversees Biola University's official Twitter and Facebok presence, which has a wide following and can significantly aid in advertising events, showcasing news, promoting links, etc. It is free, potentially far-reaching advertising and we encourage Biola University constituents to submit appropriate university-related content for consideration. Submissions are subject to editing and will be promoted at the discretion of UCM's social media manager.

Biola Magazine

Biola Magazine is the official magazine of Biola University. Published quarterly by UCM, the magazine serves as the university's primary communication tool with off-campus constituents, including more than 70,000 alumni, parents, financial supporters, and friends around the world.


Marketing research provides data and information that aids in making key decisions on initiatives that impact enrollment management, fundraising, academic program quality, and the development of new academic programs. UCM marketing research has informed key decision-makeres including the President and the President's Administrative Council (PAC) at a strategic level. It can also help other departments, university-wide, in strategic marketing planning as well as measuring the results of advertising efforts.

Public Relations & Internal Communications

Quality public relations helps establich credibility, cultivating a favorable public image. UCM's PR plays a key role in building relationships between Biola and its publics through the use of a variety of communication channels and tools.

Internal Communications is critical in keeping employees informed and engaged. Providing the internal community with important messages, strategies, vision, and expectations ensures a healthy and productive workforce, guaranteeing success in each department as Biola strives to carry out its mission.

Academic Journals

Academic publications offer Biola the opportunity to share exemplary written work with the world, including the research, thoughs and teachings of Biola's exceptional faculty editors as well as contributors from around the world. The academic publications office in UCM is responsible for publishing the academic journals of Biola University. These publications reinforce Biola's position as an academic leader and are often used during the accreditation process of the university.

We currently publish the following journals:

  • Journal of Psychology & Theology (JPT) for the past 38 years
  • Christian Education Journal (CEJ) for the past 26 years
  • Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care (SFJ)
  • Great Commission Research Journal (GCR) 


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