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Use of Portable Electric Space Heaters Section 6.36 Dept: Facilities Management Revised: January 2nd, 2014



To set forth the policy for the use and prohibition of portable space heaters in campus facilities.


Electric space heaters, when used properly, can provide an additional degree of comfort over and above a facility’s heating system. Unfortunately, with the use of these heaters comes the increased risk of fire and potential injury. Therefore, it is necessary to establish and maintain strict guidelines.


When problems occur with building heating systems, Facilities Management may provide approved portable electric space heaters until a permanent solution can be found to correct the heating problem. Employees experiencing significant heating problems should call Facilities Management (x4898) to report the problem.

Employees desiring a greater level of comfort may choose to purchase a space heater for their workspace. All space heaters purchased by departments or employees must comply with this policy. Before use, all portable electric space heaters shall be inspected by Facilities Management and tagged as approved. Employees that currently have space heaters in their area must contact Facilities Management (x4898) for inspection. Space heaters will be inspected for the following:

  1. Portable electric space heaters shall bear a Underwriter’s Laboratory listing label.
  2. Portable space heaters shall be inspected by Facilities Management personnel, (x4898), to ensure that the amperage draw will not overload the electrical circuit intended to power the heater. 
  3. Portable electric space heaters shall not have worn or damaged electrical cords and the plugs shall be in good condition.
  4. Portable electric space heaters shall have a low center of gravity and shall contain a mechanism whereby the heater shuts off automatically if tipped over.
  5. Portable electric space heaters shall be tagged “Approved” by Facilities Management.
  6. University employees requesting the use of a portable electric space heater shall sign a “Biola University Portable Electric Heater Acknowledgement Form” stating that the employee has read and understands the policy regarding the proper use of said heaters. Forms can be obtained through the Facilities Management Office (x4898).


  1. Portable electric space heaters shall be plugged directly into a wall outlet. The use of any extension cord is strictly prohibited.
  1. Portable electric space heaters shall be turned off when not in use and at the end of each business day.
  1. The user, to ensure that they are in good working condition, shall inspect portable electric space heaters on a monthly basis at a minimum.
  1. Portable electric space heaters shall be placed away from combustibles and in an area that is well ventilated. It shall not be placed in a path of egress. (e.g. doorways, paths of travel, etc.)              
  1. Any approved portable electric space heater found to be in poor operating condition, damaged, or used improperly, should be turned off, unplugged, and reported to Facilities Services (x4898) for disposal.


  1. Only electric space heaters are permitted. The use of any portable heater that is fueled by kerosene or that produces open flame is strictly prohibited.
  2. The use of portable electric space heaters in residence halls is strictly prohibited.


The following foot warmers have been tested and recommended by Facilities Management to be used for added comfort. They can be placed under your desk and do not require inspection or approval for use. They can be acquired through the Purchasing Department.    

  •    Toasty Toes Heated Footrest
  •    Cozy Toes Carpeted Footwarmer




Biola University

All portable electric space heaters used on Biola’s campus must be inspected and approved for use based upon the criteria listed below. All answers require a “yes” in order for the heater to be approved and tagged.

Safety Checklist:



The heater bears a listing label from Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which indicates the model has been evaluated and found to operate in a safe manner when the manufacturer’s instructions are followed.



The heater and its cord have been inspected to ensure that it is operating in a safe manner and shows no signs of wear or damage.



The heater contains a built-in circuit to shut off the appliance if accidentally tipped over.



The heater has a low center of gravity to minimize the potential for tipping over.



The heater is plugged directly into a wall outlet, without the use of an extension cord or any type of multiplex outlet adapter.



The heater has been placed in a well-ventilated space for heat to escape, and for air to circulate around it.



The heater has been placed away from combustibles.



The heater is not located in the means of egress (e.g. doorways, paths of travel, corridors, etc.) or in any high traffic area.



Location of Space Heater:  ____________________________________________________________________

Assigned to:  _______________________________________________________________________________

Date:  ____________________________________________________________________________________





Biola University




I hereby attest that I have read, reviewed, and fully understand the Biola University policy regarding the Use of Portable Electric Space Heaters. I further agree to comply with all parts and aspects of said policy and procedures. 


Location of heater acknowledgement:

Building: __________________________________________________________________________________

Location/Room Number:______________________________________________________________________

Department: _______________________________________________________________________________

Date Heater Placed in Service: _________________________________________________________________

Printed Name: _____________________________________________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________________________________________________


Copies To:  Occupational Safety and Wellness Specialist
                      Recipient of portable space heater

Original To:  Facilities Management Compliance Coordinator





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