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Hazardous Materials Section 6.35 Dept: Facilities Management Revised: April 2nd, 2013

Facilities Management is responsible for the proper disposal of hazardous materials. All hazardous materials scheduled for disposal are stored in a specially equipped storage container until a hazardous waste contractor is contacted to haul away the items (at least once every 90 days).

To dispose of hazardous materials, contact Facilities Management (ext. 4897) for a pickup or fill out a Facilities Management Request Form in the "Forms" section of my.Biola. The items to be picked up must be labeled and in sealed containers, with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provided. Labels are available through Facilities Management.

Hazardous materials will not be picked up until they are properly labeled and contained. Corrosive materials should be placed in heavy plastic containers. Avoid using glass bottles whenever possible.

During normal business hours, Facilities Management must be notified of all spills immediately. Outside of normal business hours, Campus Safety is to be notified. To report spills greater than five gallons in quantity, please contact Campus Safety at extension 5111. Campus Safety will then notify the fire department. If the size of the spill is unknown, please call Campus Safety. All costs associated with the clean-up will be charged to the generating department.

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