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Administration of Keys Section 6.33 Dept: Facilities Management Revised: April 2nd, 2013

General Statement

All locks, keys, and electronic access cards are the sole property of Biola University. Biola University reserves the right to change locks, keys, and access codes, as needed. No one may place a lock on a Biola University facility, interior or exterior, that is not part of the Biola University master key system, without the permission of the Director of Facilities Management. All keys, access codes, and access cards must be returned to Biola University, upon termination of employment.

Key Requests

Faculty and staff members may be issued keys to Biola University facilities, based upon need of access. All requests for keys must be authorized by a department head.

Master keys and exterior door keys will only be issued with authorization by a dean or vice president and the Chief of Campus Safety. Consideration of potential risk should be given before each master key is authorized. The cost of rekeying related to a lost master key can be thousands of dollars. Master keys should not be carried by individuals as part of their personal keys and should be kept in a locked location on campus, when not in use.

Facilities Management will not issue keys to students. Departments may choose to loan departmental keys to students for temporary use. In this case, the department is held responsible for the return of the key. Master keys are not to be issued to students at any time, for any reason.

Non-university personnel (i.e., vendors, contractors) shall not be issued keys on a permanent basis. Temporary usage keys can be requested and issued through Facilities Management.

Key Request Forms are available online and can be delivered, upon request, to departments. Request forms should have all required signatures before they are submitted to Facilities Management. All keys will be made at a cost of $5 per key.

Lost or Stolen Keys

Lost or stolen keys must be reported to Facilities Management immediately, by completing a "Missing Key Report" form found online. A decision to rekey will be made by the Chief of Campus Safety and the Director of Facilities Management, based on the details surrounding the loss of the key. Departments or individuals may be held responsible for the costs incurred as a result of any rekeying. A campus-wide key audit will be performed once every 12 to 24 months. All keys not reported on the key audit will be considered missing and may be rekeyed at a cost to the department or individual.


Standard charge out rate for residential housing rekeys is $55. Rekeys within non-residential facilities will be at a cost of $25 per pinned core, plus $5 per key. Project related work and new installations will normally be billed on a time and material basis.

Transferring of Keys

Upon an individual’s termination of employment at Biola University, Human Resources will notify Facilities Management. Facilities Management will then notify the employee or his/her supervisor to arrange the return of keys to Facilities Management. Facilities Management will reissue keys to a new employee, upon request. A department administrator cannot pass keys from a departing employee to a new employee.

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