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Facilities Management Work Order System Section 6.32 Dept: Facilities Management Revised: December 12th, 2017
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Facilities Management is responsible for maintaining the buildings and grounds for safe and effective use by the campus community. This is accomplished through maintenance programs initiated by Facilities Management as well as service provided for the Biola community through work requests.

A work order is initiated by using the Facilities Management Form in the "Forms" section of my.Biola or by calling the Facilities Management Dispatch Office at extension 4898.

Charges for Service

Facilities Management schedules and funds regular maintenance and repairs for university grounds, buildings, and equipment. Most services, including repairs for minor damages, are generally available at no charge to departments. Some services, not regarded as regular maintenance, may be done at a cost billable to the requesting department. In such cases, the current hourly charge-out rate will apply. Below, please find the charge-out rates for services.


Hourly Rates

Utility $25
Events  $28
Trades  $30
Grounds  $28
Custodial  $20
Construction  See below

Since Facilities Management does not have employees on duty after normal work hours, departments specifically requesting service of a non-emergency nature, after hours, should expect to incur a four-hour minimum charge.


Employees are required to request assistance from Facilities Management in moving office furniture, setting up classrooms, moving boxes, etc. Attempting to do these jobs without Facilities Management assistance can lead to employee injury and damage to Biola property. Charges are applied for such services only if the time required exceeds a half hour.


Requests for event setups are made through 25Live. Charges will be waived for all setup requests less than $84 in combined total labor. A $56 minimum fee will be applied for Event Services' support outside normal business hours during the work week (i.e., fee applied after 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday and before 7:30 am Tuesday through Friday). A $112 minimum fee will be applied for Event Services' support outside normal business hours over the weekend (i.e., fee applied after 4:30 pm Friday through 7:30 am Monday). For more information, please visit the Event Services website. 


Normally, service from our trades areas are covered as regular maintenance. Listed below are examples of services when charges do apply.

  • Painting, carpentry, plumbing—charges are applied for maintenance requests that result from department damage or for special requests for changes or improvements by departments (change wall color, remodel, new shelving, etc.).
  • Mechanical—charges are applied for services needed to repair specialized department equipment (e.g., cafeteria dish machine, conveyor belt, residence hall vacuum cleaners, electric carts, etc.).
  • Electrical—charges are applied for special electrical and lighting needs required for some events and for installation of new departmental equipment that requires a change in electrical service (e.g., installation of new equipment that requires a dedicated electrical circuit).
  • HVAC—charges are applied for repairs needed on specialized departmental equipment (e.g., refrigeration units, ice machines, cafeteria appliances).


Charges are applied for event-related work or activities that produce income for a department or require special scheduling of work on nights and weekends. Special requests for athletic fields are charged to the requesting department.


Charges are applied for special cleaning needed to support the conference program schedule, university events that produce income for a department, and/or events that require special scheduling of work at nights or on weekends.

Construction Projects

Facilities Management also provides consultation, planning, and management for projects such as additions, improvements, and renovations. These services include steelcase and office layout consultation, office moves, building remodels and additions, and floor plan and design work. The services provide the management of projects from concept to completion. This includes arranging for bids, selecting contractors or in-house construction, obtaining permits, scheduling work, on-site quality and progress inspections, and post project walks-through prior to final billing. Estimates for these services are available upon request.

Departments interested in significant changes or remodels to their space may initiate a request by completing a Capital Projects Initiation Form, available from the Facilities Planning and Construction department.

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