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Central Stores Section 6.3 Dept: Central Stores Revised: April 22nd, 2013

Central Stores Office Supply Orders

Central Stores carries a wide variety of office supplies commonly used on campus. The items and their prices are detailed on the Central Stores website: Business orders are delivered to departments daily. If an item is needed that cannot be found in the catalog, an order can be placed through the Purchasing department.

All orders received by 7:30 a.m. will be delivered in the morning. Orders received by 12:00 noon will be delivered in the afternoon. It is recommended that one person from each department be designated as the person to monitor and order supplies. While Central Stores is willing to deliver small orders, the system is more efficient when departments look ahead for needs and consolidate orders. Please allow extra time for very large orders that may deplete stock. It takes at least 24 hours for restocking when an item "sells out."

Central Stores will charge the purchase against the department's budget. All products are priced at cost plus tax and shipping charges. Prices in the catalog are subject to change since Central Stores prices reflect vendor prices.

A current electronic version of the Central Stores catalog is available at Employees can also access the catalog and electronic order form by searching the “Employee” tab of my.Biola. When filling in the form, review the description and quantity carefully as listed in the Central Stores catalog. Include the Organization and Account number and be sure to indicate the proper unit of issue. (For example: 12 “pads” of post-it notes, equal 1 “quantity”).

Central Receiving

All parcels delivered to the university departments are subject to inspection and receiving into the administrative computer system. All parcels delivered to Biola should be ordered with a Biola University purchase order prior to delivery. When placing these orders, please ask all shippers to clearly mark the purchase order, recipient name, and the department name on the shipping label.

When making arrangements to receive a complimentary parcel (such as faculty books for review), please ask the shipper to include the word "gratis" clearly on the shipping label.

If you are anticipating a time-sensitive delivery, please contact Warehouse Receiving with tracking information so the package can be located and its delivery prioritized.

If you are expecting a large delivery (e.g. furniture, TV's, carpet, more than two boxes, or a pallet), please have a storage area ready and inform Warehouse Receiving ahead fo time so a delivery option may be determined.

When calling Warehouse Receiving to check on receipt of a package, please have the following information ready to give the Warehouse Receiver: tracking number, vendor name, addressee, and if the order was made through Purchasing. This will help the Warehouse Receiver find your package efficiently.

Due to the time involved in the receiving and delivery process, personal parcels must never be shipped to Biola University. 

Warehouse Storage

The warehouse is primarily used to store university supplies that are to be depleted over a period of time. There is also a finite amount of space available for short-term storage of departmental items to be used at a later date. The following policy provides guidelines for the approval and use of the storage space.

All storage is subject to the approval of the Central Stores Manager and each request should be submitted by e-mail to Central Stores. Please describe the type of merchandise and the length of time needed. Central Stores will not store any items that might be damaged by normal warehouse handling methods. For security reasons we cannot store documents that are confidential in nature.  

Upon approval, the Central Stores Manager will designate the size of storage available to the department. Only with the Manager’s approval will the department be allowed additional space.

The following items can be stored at the warehouse:

  • Archive material to be kept and destroyed at a designated date. All material is to be labeled with the department name and destroy date before it arrives. Each department has the responsibility to inspect the material on a regular basis to determine which materials are ready to be destroyed. A yearly inspection may be adequate but in some cases, a more frequent inspection may be needed. It is the department’s responsibility to arrange for the disposal of all archived materials.
  • Supplies and materials that will be used by a department over a period of time. All supplies and materials of this nature should be picked up by each department, or they can arrange for Facilities Management to deliver them by submitting a Facilities Management work order request in the “Forms” section on my.Biola. All boxes must be labeled appropriately with the department name and contents.
  • Items for temporary storage (one year or less). All items must be packaged for a warehouse environment and labeled with a pick up date.
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