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Campus Coordination Section 6.24 Dept: Facilities Management Revised: February 15th, 2016

Campus Coordination (ext. 5816) works in cooperation with the Office of the Registrar to schedule Biola-sponsored events around the university’s Academic Class Schedule. Once the Academic Class Schedule is established by the Office of the Registrar, Campus Coordination begins to reserve facilities on campus for non-academic purposes. Campus Coordination is responsible for maintaining the Campus Calendar (25live Calendar/R25 Web Viewer) and coordinating reservations for most facilities on campus, including the athletic fields, auditoriums, classrooms (non-academic use), conference rooms, courtyards, dining rooms, the Gymnasium, most outdoor areas, and walkways. The Campus Coordinator also serves as the event planner's representative to the Public Events Board. Events that are hosted by an individual employee, student, or off-campus group are arranged through Conference Services (ext. 4510). These reservations are ultimately processed by the Campus Coordinator processing an event request done via 25live by the Conference Services Manager acting on behalf of the employee, student, or external group.

Campus Calendar

To access the Campus Calendar, log into the R25 Web Viewer,, or log onto 25live,

Biola Website Events Calendar

To post an event on the events calendar on Biola's website, a confirmation from Campus Coordination is needed first. Then contact University Communications & Marketing.


To secure a reservation on campus, it is necessary to submit a request using the wizard in 25live. You must have a valid Banner Organization number, which is obtained from the Biola department sponsoring the meeting or event. The request is done using the 25live wizard accessed by logging onto 25live or by clicking on the links in the Web Viewer and my.Biola.

Student clubs should submit their requests after consulting with either the A.S. Club President or their faculty/staff advisor. All requests should be made at least three weeks in advance. Requests are processed on a first come, first served basis, so planning in advance is recommended. Approval by the Public Events Board may be required for events hosting over 300 guests. The Campus Coordinator will process the reservation and send the requestor a confirmation. Once the confirmation is received and PEB approval obtained, the requestor can begin advertising the event. There are labor charges for events that require three or more hours of labor, but there are no charges for reserving facilities or using equipment for Biola-sponsored events.

Setup Requests

All physical setup requests should be included in the original request for the space reservation done on 25live. Resources requests for sound systems, tables, chairs, microphones, etc., should be made at the same time a request for space is made. Changes with date, time, or location should be directed to the Campus Coordinator and changes in physical setup should be directed to the Event Services Coordinator. Please note: 25live automatically sends notification to Event Services when resources are added to the request. Your resources request will either be approved or denied. 

Setup Charges and Fees

See Employee Handbook, section 6.32, Facilities Management Work Order System, for policy and service charges details. There are setup fees charged by Facilities Management for any setup that requires three or more hours of labor. If circumstances prevent scheduling events three weeks in advance, the event in question will be subject to a late fee of $50 in order for Facilities Services to accommodate the request.

Media Equipment

If media equipment is needed, check with the Event Services Coordinator first since some facilities are already supplied with media equipment. There is a list of capacities and available amenities for most on-campus meeting rooms located on the R25 Web Viewer. If Event Services will not be providing equipment and services, the requestor may contact the Media Center directly to reserve equipment.

Food Services

All requests for food services are made directly through Bon Appétit Food Service. See Employee Handbook, section 6.2, Food Service and Catering, for information and special instructions. Bon Appétit may notify the requestor that additional equipment is needed in order to cater the event. It is the requestor's responsibility to notify the Event Services Coordinator if there is any additional setup needed due to catering.

Vendors & Exhibitors

All vendors must be approved and coordinated through the Biola Bookstore. The Campus Coordinator will consider exhibitors of a political nature on a case-by-case basis. Exhibitors for employment opportunities may seek approval and coordination through Career Development. Campus Club activities will send their requests directly through Campus Coordination.

Employee-Sponsored, Non-Biola, or Off-Campus Groups

Conference Services is responsible for coordinating reservations of facilities for employee (personal) use and for events/conferences hosted by an off-campus group. Employees may act as "host" for an off-campus group to which they have an affiliation (e.g., church group) and obtain the employee rate provided that the employee accepts responsibility for an official, signed agreement, insurance, or other rental requirements for the group and is the group's formal liaison with Biola. The "Biola Employee Rate" is set to cover routine university costs associated with the facility the employee is renting. To reserve campus facilities for personal or off-campus group use, an application and a mission/purpose questionnaire must be completed and returned to Conference Services. Conference Services can be reached off-campus at (562) 906-4510 and on-campus at extension 4510.

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