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Biola Print Shop Section 6.23 Dept: Biola Print Shop Revised: April 24th, 2015

The Biola Print Shop exists to serve the faculty, staff, and students of Biola University and the surrounding community by providing professional quality copy, print, and finishing services in a friendly and efficient manner.

We specialize in high-volume production and in finishing. Whether it is a few copies or a large run, the Biola Print Shop is a cost-effective solution to all of your printing needs; please keep this in mind when you use your department copier. 

The following information is here to serve as a guideline of the products we offer and the procedure to submit orders. The guidelines and information below will hopefully answer any questions that may arise as you begin to submit your job requests. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call the Biola Print Shop staff at extension 4723. We will do our best to help with any further questions or concerns. 

Turnaround Times

Ideally, we would like to finish most jobs within 24 hours after they have been received at the Biola Print Shop. While many jobs are completed the same day, we cannot guarantee same-day service. Our production routine is a first-in, first-out method. This has proven to be the most equitable method for our customers. Therefore, when your work is received at the Biola Print Shop, it is placed into our work queue and is processed in the order received. Depending upon the workload, this may mean that it will take a day or two for your order to be completed. This policy will enable us to give each job the proper attention needed to ensure 100% customer satisfaction and to provide the best service.

In case an emergency does arise and your job needs to be rushed, please contact us and we will do our best to complete your work in a specially arranged time frame. We always do our best to accommodate these special situations, but please keep in mind that when this happens we have to put aside a customer who was in line first to finish your job. Please do not ask to rush jobs unless it is necessary.

Our peak service times are during the months of January/February and August/September when we are preparing syllabi and course packs for the upcoming semesters. So please plan your work accordingly during those higher volume months.

Black and White Copying/Printing Options

  • One-sided and two-sided copying of selected pages within a document
  • Different colored paper inserts or covers, printed or unprinted, within a document
  • One or two staples, in customized locations
  • Stapled or unstapled sets, collated in one document
  • Inserts index tabs, printed or unprinted
  • Reductions and enlargements of originals
  • All hard copy originals are scanned at 600 dpi and printed on the copier

Color Printing Features

  • Full color copier
  • Prints and copies from 8” x 11,” up to 12” x 18” 
  • We print on various types of paper including plastic waterproof paper

Pickup and Delivery

We offer deliveries of our completed departmental orders directly to you. During the school year we have two delivery times, 10:45 a.m. and 3:45 p.m., at which time we also pick up any orders that you may have. Please call us for pickups, as we may not be in your area every day making deliveries. Exceptions to this schedule include during the summer months when we have fewer deliveries and pickups scheduled during the day. Please be mindful of our delivery times when indicating the date the copies are needed on the order form.

The Professional Building and Racho Campus receive only one daily pickup/delivery, which is made by Mail Services. Mail Services delivers to the Professional Building between 10:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. each day. Mail Services delivers to the Rancho Campus between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. each day. If you have any questions regarding this service, please feel free to call the Biola Print Shop or Mail Services. You are always welcome to pick up your order at the Biola Print Shop anytime during our normal business hours. Remember that we only deliver departmental orders and there is a space to indicate pick-up on the order form.

After Hours Policy

If you have a job that needs to be picked up, please do so during regular business hours to ensure that you receive it on time. If you cannot pick up your job, remember that we do offer a morning and afternoon delivery service and, if necessary, will bring your order to you at other times. Otherwise your job will be available for you the next business day. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality of tests, quizzes, and other very important documents we have the responsibility of keeping, we do not offer after-hour pickups. Unless you have prior authorization from the Biola Print Shop staff, access will be denied.

This policy has been established to ensure that all jobs will be properly accounted for and that confidential jobs will be handled in a confidential manner. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact the Biola Print Shop Supervisor at extension 5497 or Auxiliary Operations Manager at extension 5810. 


We have found that our prices are extremely reasonable and in almost all cases beat prices at local copy shops. If you are interested in getting a quote, use our online quote form: or you may stop by and show us what you are interested in having done. We are not be able to give accurate prices over the phone.

Sending Orders Electronically

Your orders can be submitted electronically using any of our online order forms. This form can be found in the "Forms" section of my.Biola. Please take the time to fill out the entire form to ensure there are no delays in getting your job started on time.

Because we have such a high volume of work, we only process orders once a day (in the morning between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.). If you have an order that requires special attention, please include detailed special instructions and call us to ensure that everything was received properly.

The number one reason for job delays is that employees fail to attach files properly. Please do not rush through submitting orders as we cannot begin the job if the order is incomplete. Please feel free to call if you have any questions pertaining to sending files electronically. If your file is too large to be sent via e-mail, you can always come in to submit your order.  

Attaching Files

We currently service files from both PC and Macintosh platforms and although we can print from Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher, we strongly advise against submitting these types of files for print. Due to compatibility issues with the Microsoft Suite, we are unable to guarantee accuracy when printing from Microsoft files. If you are concerned about accuracy with your printing, please submit a PDF for your orders. If you cannot submit a PDF, we will print from the Microsoft document but there may be font substitutions, pagination errors, margin shifting, and similar formatting issues that we cannot control or be responsible for. If you have questions on how to make a PDF, please call us. We also support the Adobe Creative Suite on both platforms. We do not currently support iWork files, but please remember that you can create a PDF on a Mac from any program. 

Please feel free to call if you have any questions regarding attaching electronic files. If your file is too large to be sent via e-mail, you can always come in to submit your order.

File Preparation

Orders brought to the Biola Print Shop should be print-ready (ready to copy "as is"). Help with the layout of your copy is available upon request. If the original is not the correct size, out of line, etc., the Biola Print Shop staff will make an attempt to improve the original to facilitate a better copy. 

Wide Format Printer

We have a 40" wide printer that can print on a wide range of roll types and cut sheets, including canvas. (Only electronic files may be used: no hard copies.) This machine will print your documents out in full color or black and white. These prints may be laminated depending on the media. For pricing or questions, please call.

Kroy Inserts and Holders

Kroy inserts (name plates) are printed on our wide format printer. Holders and holder accessories for these inserts are available from the BIola Print Shop. The campus template is used to ensure uniformity and printed on the highest quality machine in the shop. There is typically a two-week turnaround on kroys. Please specify in your order whether you need just the name plate or a holder as well.  

Personal Orders

The Biola Print Shop offers the same services and prices to employees, students, and the public. Personal orders will be taxed at curren tlocal tax rates. We accept cash, check, or charge (except American Express).

General Guidelines on Turnaround Times

Many jobs require extra time after copying, due to folding, padding, booklet making, poster making, etc. Please remember that one-day turnaround is different than same-day turnaround. The following guidelines should help you in planning your jobs:


Free blank scratch pads are available at our front counter. For printed pads there is a two-day turnaround time. Large, carbonless jobs (quantities exceeding 1,000 sets, 2-part; 750 sets, 3-part; and 500 sets, 4-part) may take 3 days or more. When requesting that your document be made into a pad of paper, please fill in the number of pads required and the amount of pages you are requesting for each pad.


There is a two-day to three-day turnaround time, depending on the size of the job, plus copying time. Please call for exact turnaround times.


There is a one-day turnaround time, unless the quantity exceeds 5,000.


There is a one-day turnaround time. However, jobs requiring more cuts will have a two-day turnaround time.


There is a two-day to three-day turnaround. Only electronic files may be used for this machine.

Binding (Plastic, Tape, or Spiral)

There is a one-day turnaround time for either of these. Jobs with quantities exceeding 40 will require more time. We carry black binding for all of these. We can order different colors of plastic, tape, or spiral binding for a job you may have in the planning stages. To order color bindings, call in advance and speak to us first.


There is a one-day turnaround time, unless your job exceeds 100 pieces. Printed material, up to 36" wide and unlimited length, can be laminated at the Biola Print Shop. The laminator is available for personal use as well.  

Special Orders

If we do not carry the paper you are looking for, we will special-order paper for your order. It takes one to two days for us to receive paper from the vendor, plus the copy time, so please plan accordingly. To order special paper, contact the Biola Print Shop.

Large Quantity Jobs

If you plan on running larger jobs, please contact us first so we can be prepared and have enough paper in stock. We do not have a limit as to the size of your job(s). If your job exceeds the following quantities, please call in advance so that we can pre-order your paper:

  • White 20# Bond: 15,000 sheets of paper
  • Colored Bonds and White 60#: 10,000 sheets of paper
  • Parchments: 4,000 sheets of paper
  • Astrobrights: 5,000 sheets of paper
  • Linens: 4,000 sheets of paper
  • Astrobright Cardstock: 2,000 sheets of paper
  • Cardstock: 2,000 sheets of paper
  • Tabs: 500 sets
  • Transparencies: 500 sheets

The above paper stocks are kept on hand in the 8½” x 11” size. For 8½” x 14” and 11” x 17”, please call first, as we do not keep in stock a wide variety of larger size papers.

Label Printing


Label Set Printing

All label set printing is handled by the Biola Print Shop. Turn around time is usually 24 hours. To request labels, use the order form in the "Forms" section of my.Biola or visit:


See the chart below for Job #’s and descriptions. If you have further questions about the content of certain label sets, please call the HR Department at ext. 4757.


Predefined employee label sets:





Management Employees

Supervisors, managers, executive-level administrators, academic department chairs


Departments with Staff Count

Department name; total number of non-faculty employees in that department


Departments with Employee Count

Department name; total employees in department


All Staff + Faculty Management

Combines HR208 and HR209


All Employees

All 01 and 02 employees


Full-Time Employees

Employees working at least 30 hrs/week for 10 months


Staff Management

Same as HR201 without academic department chairs


All Staff

Same as HR205 without faculty


Faculty Management

Academic department chairs


All Regular Faculty

Full-time and part-time instructional faculty, SF/FO staff, deans, president, and vice president


Full-Time Faculty

Full-time faculty only


All Women

All female 01 and 02 employees


All Full-Time Faculty + Academic Administrators

Full-time faculty, SF/FO staff, deans, president, and vice president

HR 214

Part-Time Faculty



All Arts & Sciences Faculty



All Talbot Faculty



All Rosemead Faculty



All ICS Faculty



All Exempt Staff

All 01 administrators and staff


Employees With Birthdays

Specified by month


All School of Business Faculty



All Employees

All 01 and 02 employees, excluding temps.

Special Report Printing:

If you require specialized reports, please contact your department’s support programmer in Information Technology ERP Services.

Contact Us

It is our goal to provide the best service possible. We welcome suggestions and ideas for ways of improving our service to you. Please call the Biola Print Shop at extension 4723, or e-mail us at

Please remember to plan ahead, especially during the peak months of the year: January/February and August/September.

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