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Health Care for Employees Section 6.22 Dept: Health Center Revised: September 30th, 2010

The Biola University Student Health Center provides general health care for all enrolled students, first aid care for Workers’ Compensation related injuries, and sees life threatening emergencies for all persons on Biola property.  

Wellness Care

  • Wellness care is limited to flu vaccine immunizations. These are administered annually, September through December, or until the supply is gone. The Health Center offers the flu vaccine immunization for faculty, staff, their spouses and adult children, as well as other family members who are living with the employee. Some exceptions can be made but arrangements should be made with the Director of Health Services. Supply can vary from year to year, so check with Human Resources for contingency plans if Health Services is unable to meet the demand. The cost will also vary each year depending upon vaccine manufacturer prices. 

Provision and Explanation of Services

  • The Health Center provides first aid to employees who experience minor injuries that occur while at work. The Health Center is not a state approved clinic for workers' compensation, therefore is unable to provide a Doctor's First Report. An RN, NP, or Physician will administer first aid. If the nature of the injury and treatment needed does not fit the written criteria of "first aid" as listed by the Labor Code, then the employee will be sent to an approved and designated Workers' Compensation medical clinic. All follow up care must be continued at the Workman's Compensation Clinic. Site information is given at the time of treatment when a referral is necessary. Employees must go to the Human Resources office for other forms that need to be filled out and should always report injuries to their supervisors.
The Health Center provides emergency medical care for all employees that experience a life-threatening situation while at work. For all medical emergencies, notify Campus Safety by calling Ext. 5111, or if using a cell phone call 562-777-4000. For acute or chronic illness, please make an appointment with your PMD.
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