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Values Award Program Section 4.23 Dept: Human Resources Revised: June 9th, 2014

The Values Award is a monthly recognition program that provides an opportunity for Biola employees to honor fellow staff members for their outstanding service to the university. Employees considered for a Values Award must have recently demonstrated one or more of the following values in the course of their work: adaptability, collaboration, engagement, excellence, grace, humility, innovation, problem-solving, teamwork, and/or vision. These values reflect the spirit of the University Decalogue, which the President’s Administrative Council created in the summer of 2008 to serve as a set of aspirations for teams working together at Biola.


  • Employee in good standing
  • 01 or 02 employee (excluding instructional faculty)
  • Full-time or part-time employee
  • Only one Values Award recognition per employee, per year

Nomination Procedure

  • Nominators are encouraged to complete a nomination form found on the home page of Inside Story Online and explain (in 150 to 500 words) why the nominee meets the criteria to receive a Values Award.
  • The more specific the description (of the nominee’s actions) that is contained in the nomination, the better chance the nomination has for the committee’s full consideration. A nomination that is too brief (which simply states that the individual practices the values we seek to uphold) will do little to advance the nominator’s cause.
  • Every nomination will have three chances to be considered for the award (over a period of three months). If a nominee is not chosen to receive an award after the three months, a new nomination may be submitted for the nominee with reasons he or she met the award criteria.
  • A nominator may only re-submit the same (or similar) nomination once during the calendar year. If a nominator re-submits the same nomination, the nominator will be contacted and told of the resubmission policy.


At the beginning of each month, a committee composed of one representative from each VP area will meet and choose one recipient among the eligible nominations from the previous month. The supervisor of the chosen recipient will be contacted and will oversee the presentation of the award to his or her employee. The recipient will also be recognized with a feature article in Inside Story Online.


  • Article and picture published in Inside Story Online
  • Values Award trophy and certificate
  • $50
  • One bonus day off, with pay
  • Invitation for a meal with the university president and other Values Award winners in November.



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