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Performance Reviews Section 4.2 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 1st, 2007

One of a supervisor's responsibilities is to help his/her employees to grow both professionally and personally. An employee’s growth and success in his/her job is important, and employees should feel free to meet with their supervisors when they have questions relating to their work. Periodically, a supervisor may initiate informal meetings with an employee to explain procedures or comment on their work.

Formal performance reviews are completed for all staff employees on an annual basis, generally between August and October, covering the period of August 1 through July 31.

For a new employee, there will be a formal review of his/her performance at a point up to six months from his/her hire date—usually at three months for a non-exempt (hourly) employee and at six months for an exempt (salaried) employee.

If a new employee’s initial review has been conducted within the past six months, prior to the annual cycle (August to mid–October), there is no need to automatically conduct another review during the annual review period. However, if either the supervisor or the employee in question requests it, another review should be done during the annual cycle, regardless of whether an initial review occurred recently.

The main purpose of performance reviews is to help an employee improve his/her job performance and to identify growth opportunities. However, performance reviews also provide input used in determining an employee’s pay increase.

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