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University Feedback Form Section 3.5 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 30th, 2015

The  purpose of the University Feedback form on Inside Story Online is to give all university staff and faculty an opportunity to submit ideas and feedback aimed at improving the Biola community. Feedback may be directed to any area of the university and can address a number of issues, such as revisions to business processes, responses to administrative decisions, suggestions for cost-saving strategies, etc.

Training & Development within Human Resources administers the University Feedback form and will forward all submissions to the appropriate department for review. Should employees want to remain anonymous in regards to their submission, the form gives the opportunity to indicate this preference. Once the form has been reviewed and a response determined, the administrator will follow up with the employee if applicable. 

University Feedback Categories

Suggestions should fit into one of the following categories:

  • Feedback
  • Cost-Savings Idea
  • Inside Story
  • General Suggestion
  • Other

Please Note

Ideas concerning basic maintenance and repairs (e.g., “The fan in the restroom in X building is broken and needs to be repaired”) should be treated as work-orders for Facilities Management and should not be submitted via the University Feedback Form.

Submitting an Idea

The University Feedback Form can be found on the Inside Story.

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