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Vehicle Use and Parking Section 3.34 Dept: Campus Safety Revised: March 20th, 2014

Vehicle Code and Parking Regulations

Campus Safety has the responsibility and authority to administer the Biola Traffic Policy, including traffic control and parking on Biola property. Biola does not assume responsibility for any damage to a vehicle due to theft, vandalism, flood, fire, or accident. All staff and faculty vehicles must be registered through Campus Safety and must properly display a valid Biola parking sticker on the interior front windshield's lower left corner.

Driving Regulations

The maximum speed limit for all vehicles on campus is 15 miles per hour. Passing a moving vehicle is not permitted on any campus road. Drivers must come to a full stop at all stop signs and yield to pedestrians and to other vehicles, when merging into traffic. No vehicles are allowed on sidewalks, walkways, grass areas, or athletic fields. All vehicles on campus must comply with the regulations stipulated in the Campus Safety Annual Security Report, as well as state safety regulations.

Electric Carts

All employees who drive electric carts as part of their job responsibilities must receive Cart Safety Training at Facilities Management, agree to abide by all cart regulations, and sign a user agreement form.

Staff/Faculty Parking

The Biola staff/faculty parking sticker authorizes a vehicle to park in all areas on campus marked by a green curb, areas designated as staff/faculty parking and areas designated as student parking. Any vehicle without a parking sticker or improperly parked may receive a parking citation. A parking permit does not guarantee or reserve a place to park. Temporary staff will be issued a temporary permit for the length of their employment. Staff permits are for the exclusive use of the assigned staff member. Staff permits cannot be transferred to other individuals or utilized by family members, including but not limited to students of qualified staff members. Permits must be properly adhered to the front inside lower left window. They cannot be taped or transferred to another vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle, simply bring your old staff permit in and Campus Safety will provide you with a new permit.

All California Vehicle Code laws and regulations are enforced on Biola's Campus. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department can have jurisdiction on campus and may issue traffic citations. Biola's Campus Safety officers and cadets also patrol to ensure that traffic and emergency lanes are open and vehicles are parked safely. A vehicle illegally parked and/or blocking an emergency lane can be towed at the owner's expense.

Visitor Parking

Permits are required for visitors at all times. Permits are to be placed on the driver side dashboard. Visitors, vendors, and other special groups may obtain a Visitor Permit at no charge from the department they are visiting (see below section regarding parking permit requests). Permits may also be obtained from the Campus Safety Office or entrance Gatehouses during business hours. After hours, visitors may obtain a permit at the Communications Center in Metzger Hall.

Visitors may park in marked visitor spaces or unmarked student spaces. Visitors may not park in staff spaces. Former students, alumni, and staff members do not qualify for Visitor permits and may not park in Visitor parking areas. 

Departmental Parking Permit Request Information

Departmental parking permits are temporary permits utilized by campus departments for event, group, and visitor use.

  1. Requests must be submitted using the Departmental Parking Permit Request Form (available via the employee tab of my.Biola). 
  2. Departmental Parking Permit Request Forms must be fully completed in order to ensure timely processing. Please contact Campus Safety at extension 4877, prior to submission, with any related questions or concerns.
  3. There must be a minimum of seven business days for processing permit requests. When planning for permit needs, please consider that permit requests may take longer to process, due to pending requests or staff workload.
  4. Departmental Parking Permits may not be requested for student use. All student, staff, and faculty parking permits are obtained in the Campus Safety Administrative Office.
  5. The Campus Safety department relies on the support and cooperation of staff and faculty members to ensure the safety and security of the Biola community; thus, adherence to the above procedure is mandatory.

Parking Reservation Request Information

Parking reservations are used to provide designated parking areas for events hosted by campus departments.

  1. Requests must be submitted using the Reserved Parking Request Form (available via the employee tab of my.Biola).
  2. A minimum of two weeks notice is required in order to accommodate requests.
  3. A maximum of 30 spaces can be reserved per event.
  4. Spaces cannot be reserved for events taking place in the evening.
  5. Permits are required for all vehicles parking on campus for an event and must be requested on the Campus Safety Departmental Parking Request Form (student and staff permits are not available through this form) within 10 business days.
  6. While every effort will be made, there is no guarantee that all requests can be accommodated.

Bus parking locations are determined by the needs of the event and the availability in various lots on campus. RVs and trailers are permitted to park on Biola property for up to 72 hours. Biola does not provide hookups of any kind for motor homes (water, electrical, or sewage). Anyone who wishes to stay in these types of vehicles overnight must obtain a temporary permit from and sign a release form in the Campus Safety Administrative Office and get instructions on where to park.

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