Biblically Centered Education
Statements on Human Sexuality and Transsexualism and Transgenderism Section 3.21 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 4th, 2016

In keeping with our mission and our commitment to biblical fidelity, all members of the university community are expected to follow the teaching of Scripture. We believe that the only authoritative and trustworthy norm for proper moral judgments is what God has revealed in his Word. Therefore, Biola University affirms that sexual intimacy is designed by God to be expressed solely within a marriage between one man and one woman. This view of sexuality and marriage is rooted in the Genesis account of creation, reflected in the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, and is maintained consistently throughout Scripture. It is a view based on the biblical teaching of monogamy -- that God designed sexual union for the purpose of uniting one man and one woman into a permanent, lifelong, one flesh union in the context of marriage. Thus, God's design for marriage and sexuality is the foundational reason for viewing acts of sexual intimacy between a man and a woman outside of marriage, and any act of sexual intimacy between two persons of the same sex, as illegitimate moral options for the confessing Christian. Sexual relations of any kind outside the confines of marriage between one man and one woman are inconsistent with the teaching of Scripture, as understood by Christian churches throughout history. Therefore, as part of living out a consistent, biblical spirituality, one dedicated to the pursuit of Christ-likeness, all members of the university are expected to avoid sexual intimacy outside of marriage and to refrain from encouraging the same in others.

Biola’s position statement regarding transgenderism, gender identity, and gender expression is grounded in our long-standing institutional religious identity. This identity, in turn, is grounded in the teachings of the Bible as understood in the Protestant Evangelical theological tradition. We follow Christ’s example to love all persons, understanding such love in the context of God’s revealed truth. We affirm that God’s original and ongoing intent and action is the creation of humanity manifest as two distinct sexes, male and female. We also recognize that due to sin and brokenness in our world, our experience of sex and gender is not always that which God the Creator originally designed. With this foundational understanding of creation, fall, and redemption, our goal is to come alongside as a loving and accepting community anyone who is experiencing gender identity discordant with their birth sex. We do not affirm theologically the tension between one’s biological sex and one’s experience of gender by the adoption of a psychological identity discordant with one’s birth sex. Similarly, we do not affirm attempts to change one’s given biological birth sex via medical intervention in favor of the identity of the opposite sex or of an indeterminate identity. We will make institutional decisions in light of this policy regarding employment, hiring, retention, and other employment matters. We reserve the latitude to make reasonable judgments about issues outside the explicit bounds of these specified policies based on our Articles of Faith, Theological Distinctives, and Standard of Conduct.

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