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Personal Use of Phones and Computers Section 3.16 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 13th, 2015

Employees are generally allowed to take advantage of Biola resources when such use does not present more than a nominal cost to the university in terms of money, materials, or productivity. In some cases, use of resources is allowed with an established fee structure (e.g., hosting outside groups in Biola facilities). In all cases, the use of Biola property or resources is not permitted for purposes that may be deemed as inconsistent with Biola's Mission, Doctrinal Statement, or Standard of Conduct. Use of any equipment other than that outlined below should be cleared with a supervisor.

Personal Use of Telephones

University telephones are for business use; however, the university recognizes that there may be certain times when personal employee calls are necessary. In certain instances, employees should try to schedule personal calls during non-work time periods such as regularly scheduled breaks and lunch. When personal calls during work hours are necessary, the calls should be brief, infrequent, and should not interfere with the work of the department. Supervisors of departments may establish specific guidelines for call frequency, length, and work-hour timing.

Personal calls costing more than $1 per individual call must be reimbursed to the university. Calls costing less than $1 each need not be reimbursed. The cost of all phone calls from each department telephone appears on the monthly Call Cost Detail Report provided to departments by Telecommunications. Payment for personal calls is made through the employee's department. It is recommended that people who have frequent occasions for personal calls over $1 purchase and make use of prepaid calling cards for that purpose.

When out-of-town travel on Biola business requires an overnight stay, an employee may make one call home per night of stay without the need to reimburse Biola. Generally, such calls should not exceed 15 minutes in length unless there is an emergency situation. The department supervisor may require reimbursement to Biola for any calls deemed to exceed the provisions of this policy.

Personal Use of Copiers and Printers

Personal use of these resources, including photocopying or printing of personal materials (including academic coursework) is allowed as long as the employee uses reasonable discretion regarding limiting the amount of use and restricts usage to non-working hours. Reasonable use would limit the employee to one dozen copies, which is similar in cost to the $1 phone call guideline above. An employee having personal photocopying/printing needs exceeding such reasonable limits should take such projects to the Biola Print Shop, which accepts personal jobs on a fee basis.

Personal Use of Biola Information Network (via Biola Computers)

For specific guidelines regarding the use of Biola computers for email, internet, file transfer or other applications, please refer to Section 6.61, Network Usage.

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