Biblically Centered Education
Standard of Conduct Guidelines Section 3.11 Dept: N/A Revised: October 3rd, 2013

The Biola Standard of Conduct for employees is designed to promote behavior that the Bible requires of all believers, to forbid behavior that the Bible condemns, and to foster godly behavior in areas that are not directly addressed by Scripture. The pursuit of holiness is integral to one’s personal walk with God. Within the framework of this holiness resides the area of liberty in Christ. Some consistency in the exercise of Christian liberty is necessary within a Christian organization that serves as a model for students and as a light for an unsaved world. The following guidelines are intended to provide an understanding of Biola’s expectations concerning personal liberty.

As members of a Christian educational community, employees must avoid conduct that is spiritually or morally harmful or that would reasonably cause a Christian brother or sister to be offended or to stumble in his/her personal Christian walk. Sensitivity to the impact of our behavior on others is particularly important in a residential university setting with a diverse population of students, faculty, and staff. In addition, as representatives of the Body of Christ, we should exhibit behavior that attracts people to Christ.

With this in mind, the Standard of Conduct imperative—which prohibits drinking, gambling, and smoking on the Biola campus, at Biola-affiliated functions, or when representing Biola—extends to the following:

  • Off-campus university office building and residence housing sites
  • When formally or informally representing Biola at meetings, dinners, seminars, conferences, athletic/academic competitions, or other functions where the participation of the employee stems from his/her employment at Biola
  • Department parties, dinners, picnics, or other social gatherings where participants are primarily drawn together by nature of their relationship to Biola
  • During breaks in the workday, including meal breaks
  • During Biola school terms, during which an employee is enrolled as an undergraduate student

The Christian walk requires discernment and self-discipline. This applies on a daily basis to numerous personal choices beyond those mentioned above. An example would be in the area of entertainment: biblically-moral discernment must be exercised in the selection of movies, television programs, live entertainment, printed material, Internet sites, and all other forms of electronic media. As models of the Christian life, we must demonstrate Christ-like behavior in all areas of our lives.

If an employee’s behavior is deemed to be contrary to the Standard of Conduct or to the guidelines above, Biola reserves the right to discipline or dismiss the employee.

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