Biblically Centered Education
Student Corrective Action Section 2.92 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 16th, 2007

Student employment is considered temporary work, and many jobs are short in duration; therefore, the corrective action procedure is greatly abbreviated.  However, as with regular employees, the intent of the process is that the student employee be helped to restore his/her performance or conduct to a satisfactory level and consistently maintain that level.  Corrective action is a tool of growth and should be administered in a consistent, professional manner.

In general, the procedure is speaking to the student in private to explain the nature of the problem and suggesting an appropriate course of action for him/her to remedy the problem.  Should this approach not succeed or should the problem be of a more serious nature, a verbal warning may be given, explaining the seriousness of the problem.  Offer a course of action to remedy it, and include a warning of impending termination of employment should there be insufficient improvement.  Should the previous approach(es) fail to yield satisfactory results or should the problem be severe, termination may occur.

Any written corrective action notices need to be submitted to the Employment Administrator.  Before notifying a student that his/her employment is being terminated because of substandard performance or for disciplinary reasons, contact the Employment Administrator. Human Resources’ approval is required to terminate a student employee for performance/disciplinary reasons.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to modify or affect in any way the "at will" employment relationship between student employees and Biola University, as set forth in section A of the Student Employment Handbook.

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