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Student Compensation Section 2.91 Dept: Human Resources Revised: September 10th, 2010


Student paychecks are distributed in the Accounting department every other Friday (a week after timecards are due), after 10:00 a.m.  Proper photo identification (driver's license, Biola ID card, etc.) must be presented when picking up a paycheck.


Students who work on campus are exempt from Social Security, Medicare, and Disability Insurance taxes while school is in session, if they are taking six or more units each semester or three or more units during summer and Interterm.

International students attending Biola on non-immigrant (F-1) visas may be exempt from FICA, if their country of origin is engaged in a tax treaty with the United States.  Guidelines and forms to apply for this exemption are located in the On-Campus Student Employment Office.

Student employees' W-2 forms are mailed at the end of January to the address on file with the Registrar's Office.

Putting Paycheck Money Toward Student Bill

Students may choose to have all or a portion of their paychecks applied directly to their student accounts.  Every student is given the option of beginning this program during the time of hire.  This program may be initiated by completing a Voluntary Payroll Deduction Form, which is available in the On-Campus Student Employment Office or the Accounting department.

Work on Holidays

Student workers are not awarded paid holidays.  However, students will receive double-time for working on official Biola holidays, if they are being required to work by their supervisors.  If the date of a Biola-observed holiday does not match the date of the nationally observed holiday, the holiday bonus will be paid to student employees who work on either day.  However, if a student works on both days, only one day will be paid as a holiday.  Students who work on "Bonus Days" will receive straight-time pay only.

Performance Reviews

Supervisors of student employees are encouraged to use the optional Student Employment Performance Review Form.  The form provides a convenient forum for communication with students and is particularly helpful for those students who work on a multi-semester basis.  Performance Review Forms are available, upon request, through the Student Employment Office.

Direct Deposit for Student Employees

Human Resources and the Payroll department are pleased to offer Direct Deposit to all student employees.  The advantages of using Direct Deposit are:

  1. Direct deposit funds are available at 12:01 a.m. on payday.
  2. Direct deposit saves the student employee from making a special trip to the bank.
  3. Funds can be deposited to either a savings or checking account.
  4. Funds will be deposited even when the student employee has temporarily left town.

Applications for Direct Deposit can be picked up/dropped off at both Human Resources and Accounting.

Student Job Classification & Hourly Wages

Questions regarding current salary ranges can be directed to the Student Employment Administrator in Human Resources.

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