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Employee Receptions Section 2.81 Dept: Human Resources Revised: May 2nd, 2019
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Farewell Receptions

It is an important ongoing responsibility and pleasurable opportunity for each of us to affirm and recognize the achievements of our co-workers in the ministry at Biola. This becomes particularly important when someone is leaving after having provided long years of service to the university. In this same regard, Biola has traditionally authorized and supported receptions for employees who resign their positions in good standing—especially for retirees—honoring them for their years of dedicated and faithful service.

The purpose of this policy is to provide more formal and uniform guidelines that cover the arrangement for and funding of employee "farewell" receptions.

Employees Leaving the University With 10 or More Years of Continuous Service Will Receive:

  1. A farewell reception*, if desired, arranged and funded by the department with university-wide participation.
  2. For employees who are retiring, the department may choose a monetary gift of $500 or a gift of the same approximate value. To be considered a retiree, the employee must be age 55 or older and have served the university for at least 15 years as a regular employee. The check/gift will be funded from Human Resources.
  3. A framed certificate of appreciation provided and funded by the Human Resources department.

Employees Leaving the University With Between Five and Nine Years of Continuous Service Will Receive:

  1. A farewell reception*, if desired, arranged and funded by the department with university-wide participation.

*Formal presentation/testimonial "programs" held as part of a reception that is scheduled during normal working hours should generally be limited to 15 minutes so time is allowed for employees to say personal good-byes and partake of any refreshments.

Other Receptions

Occasionally, a department may wish to have a reception for an employee who leave Biola with less than five years of continuous employment or for reasons other than termination. Some examples include wedding and baby showers, the celebration of a major promotion, or a farewell prompted by the upcoming transfer of an employee to another department in the university. Any reception or other form of group recognition is at the discretion of the department and receives no formal university support or funding. The department should usually schedule such observances during the lunch hour or within the normal rest break time. If held during normal work hours, attendance should be limited to the employee's department and a small number of employees from closely related departments. Sponsors of these events are responsible for cleaning up the area after the conclusion of the event.

Department or division-focused events, such as retreats, department meetings, or work-related celebrations that recognize the work achievement of an individual or a "team" may be funded from department budgets, with appropriate approvals. See Fun Day/Staff Development Day in Employee Handbook, Section 6.7 (Accounting) for further detail.

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