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Promotions Section 2.4 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 3rd, 2015

Biola University is committed to the development of its employees. One way an employee grows is through promotion -- increased job responsibility and supervising others. These job changes can occur because of transfers within or without an employee's current department. Therefore, Human Resources posts open positions on the Human Resources webpage for employees to view open positions and seek growth opportunity. The Human Resources webpage is 

A qualified employee within a department with an open position should be given priority for promotional consideration. Therefore, an exception to standard job posting practices can occur for the following reasons: when departments with an open position chooses to pick from qualified employees from within the department or when the department head determines an internal promotion would be appropriate.

If, however, a qualified employee within the department is not apparent, the position is posted for employees outside the department to express interest. Once a position is posted, consideration will be given to all applicants. Although current Biola employees will receive special consideration, a position will be filled with the candidate whose skills, experience, education, and other qualifications best match the position requirements and needs.

The addition of new responsibilities to an employee's present job or the transferring of an employee to another position, whether in the same department or another department, could qualify as a promotion and initiate changes in one or more of the following areas: job title, classification and level, pay, and benefits. The determination of a position’s proper level is the responsibility of Human Resources and is based on an evaluation of the position description.

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