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New Employee Orientation Section 2.36 Dept: Human Resources Revised: March 3rd, 2015

As a new employee, Human Resources wants to provide the best possible start to an employee's time at Biola. In order to welcome and acclimate new employees to Biola, Human Resources hosts a three-part orientation with all new full-time and part-time regular staff.

Biola 101 Orientation

Biola 101 is held on the first business day of every week and is required as the first day of employment for new regular employees. This session begins at 8:00 a.m., includes an optional free lunch, and concludes in the early afternoon. Following the conclusion of Biola 101, employees will report to their respective departments.

The agenda of Biola 101 includes:

  • Interview for Inside Story
  • Review of the employee handbook
  • Review of materials concerning FERPA, sexual harassment prevention, HR communication resources
  • Safety and Workers' Compensation
  • Training and Development
  • Emergency action plan
  • Medical benefits
  • Hiring forms
  • Timecards
  • Acquisition of employee identification cards and parking permits
  • Lunch

Biola 201 Orientation (A & B)

Biola 201 is a two-part session held quarterly designed to provide new employees with information on a variety of topics vital to the success and fulfillment of an employee's role at Biola and to introduce new employees to Biola's senior leaders. New staff members are often uncertain of the expectations regarding their attendance at these sessions. Attending both Parts A & B are required of all new employees.  

The agenda of Biola 201 A includes:

  • History of Biola
  • Biola’s organizational structure
  • Biola's Employment Cornerstones
  • Student Care
  • Diversity
  • Breakfast

The agenda of Biola 201 B includes:

  • Sexual harassment prevention
  • FERPA Training
  • Tuition Waiver and Retirement
  • University Plan
  • The Biola Brand
  • Breakfast
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