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Employment Status Section 2.32 Dept: Human Resources Revised: April 2nd, 2015


Employees will be considered regular employees if they are scheduled in a position that is at least 30 hours per week, 10 months per year, and the position is budgeted to continue for more than 12 months.

Regular Part-Time

Employees are considered regular part-time employees if they are scheduled to work less than 30 hours per week, 10 months per year, and the position is budgeted to continue for more than 12 months.


Temporary employees are assigned as replacements for regular employees or into temporary positions of six months or less. Where unusual circumstances warrant, exceptions to the 6-month rule may be granted by the department head and the Sr. Director of Human Resources. Temporary staff employees are ineligible for non-legally required benefits and paid absences.

Service time will commence on the day that a staff employee starts a non-temporary position that is at least the equivalent of 20 hours per week/12 months (1,040 hours per year). Should an employee initially take an assignment as a temporary and convert to non-temporary status in the same assignment and without a break in service, service time will revert to the start of the temporary assignment, but no retroactive benefits will be paid.

All regular employees (including those who begin as temporary and then convert to regular) will participate in the new hire orientation program and will be introduced to the Biola community via Inside Story. Supervisors of temporary employees who are expected to work at least one month in an assignment that requires interaction with staff in other departments may request that they be mentioned in Inside Story. Temporary employees must receive safety training from their departments on their first day of work, as well as any other orientation information that they need—such as time card procedures, parking, food service on campus, and business procedures.  If the duration of the assignment is expected to be at least one month, the department should assist temporary employees in acquiring a Biola identification card and parking permit.

Immediately upon completion of a temporary assignment, the supervisor must notify Human Resources that the employee has completed his/her assignment.

Separate, part-time positions cannot be combined in order to meet minimum benefit eligibility criteria. Positions will be considered separate if they report to different department heads and are paid from different budget lines.

Instructional Faculty

Faculty members will begin accruing service time with the contract start date, following their initial appointment by the Board of Trustees.  Benefits eligibility (Cafeteria Plan) will commence and continue as long as the faculty member maintains a ¾ teaching load contract. Upon initial appointment, faculty members will attend faculty orientation and be introduced in Inside Story.

Adjunct faculty are considered temporary employees. Hiring departments are responsible for assisting adjunct faculty in acquiring identification cards and parking permits and for conducting applicable safety training.

Break in Service

Faculty and staff employees who resign employment from the university and rehire within 12 months of their date of termination will regain the service time that they had accrued at the time of termination for the purpose of benefits or service awards eligibility. After 12 months, employees who are rehired will not regain service time. Employees who are laid off (reduction-in-force) by the university and rehire in the original or other position within 12 months will regain the service time that they have previously accrued.

Exceptions to the twelve-month rehire rule may be granted by the Sr. Director of Human Resources if the longer break in service is due to personal disability or related to caring for a seriously ill or injured family member.

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