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Casual Employee Pool Section 2.31 Dept: Human Resources Revised: February 26th, 2015

Biola University has established a casual employee pool to assist departments with short-term staffing needs. Placements can range from half-day, part-time assignments to a period of several weeks at full-time, depending on the departmental need. Primarily, the casual employee pool will serve to provide temporary replacements in clerical/administrative positions.

Applicants for casual positions need to complete the Application for Employment, and must be in agreement with and observe Biola University's Doctrinal Statement and Standard of Conduct. Qualified candidates will also be tested and interviewed before being placed into the Casual Employee Pool.

Human Resources will hire and provide basic training for casual employees, who have the option of accepting or declining offered assignments. Payment for each casual employee will range from $14.20 - $16.70 per hour, depending upon the qualification and experience of the individual.

Length of casual service does not bridge for benefit calculations if the employee eventually becomes regular. Service can only be bridged if the employee is hired into the current department where the casual employee is filling a temporary assignment.

Casual Employee Hiring Procedure

A supervisor shall inform Human Resources of the departmental need by either calling or e-mailing the Employment Recruiter (ext. 4755). Early notification is recommended, as positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following information should be included with the departmental request:

  • Approximate beginning and ending date the casual employee is needed
  • Daily work hours desired (i.e., 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) and the time when the meal break is taken (if applicable)
  • Basic responsibilities to be performed and experience preferred

Once the Human Resources department has confirmed the casual employee, the supervisor will be notified of all pertinent details.

Charges for the use of a casual employee will show up on the monthly Department Operating Statement and will be directly charged to account 60100 - Classified Wages.

Feedback regarding casual employees is greatly appreciated and recommended to ensure a quality pool. Please report any information to the Employment Recruiter.

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