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Hiring Procedure Section 2.3 Dept: Human Resources Revised: April 15th, 2015

The formal university position holds that employment is at the will of either the employee or Biola University. This means that, technically, an employee may resign from a position at any time with or without notice, and Biola may terminate employment at any time with or without notice. There is no promise that employment will continue for a set period of time, nor is there any promise that employment will be terminated only under particular circumstances. However, employees who are under formal contract, such as instructional faculty, cannot resign or terminate employment at any point in time, without any notice.

No employee or representative of Biola, other than the President of Biola, has any authority to enter into any employment agreement for any specified period of time or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing. This policy will not be modified or affected in any way by employee benefits, including retirement benefits, available from Biola.

Employment Procedure

  1. If the position is new, write a job description. If the position already has a job description, review its content and update the information as necessary.

  2. Human Resources will post the open position, unless a hiring authorization is submitted indicating the job will be offered to one of the department's present employees (usually a promotion or lateral move). In that case, posting would be dependent on the outcome of the internal offer.

  3. The department may interview outside applicants only after the position has been posted and they have completed a Biola employment application. Copies of applications should be treated as confidential documents and should be deleted when no longer needed.

  4. Applicants who are presently employed at Biola must complete a Transfer Request Form and submit it to Human Resources, prior to any interview.

  5. Note: an employee may informally meet with Human Resources or the hiring department to ask questions about job responsibilities and qualifications without having to complete a Transfer Request Form provided that the employee, alone, asks the questions (to help the employee to decide whether to formally apply for the position).

  6. The Human Resources department will offer the position to the applicant after a Hiring Authorization has been completed and submitted to the Human Resources Office.

  7. All new employees are required to participate in a two-part training/orientation program. For further details regarding the orientation program, refer to section 2.36.

  8. For step by step hiring instructions, please refer to Inside Story Online, A Guide for Supervisor: Hiring Procedures.

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