Biblically Centered Education
Employee Privacy Section 2.22 Dept: Human Resources Revised: February 22nd, 2007

Consistent with the value of showing love and respect for all persons while demonstrating integrity in all of our words and deeds, it is the responsibility of all Biola employees to avoid actions that are intended to obtain confidential or private information regarding another member of the Biola community, where there is not a business need to have such information. Examples of actions that would fall in this category include seeking private information from employee files or electronic media, searching another employee’s personal belongings, asking other members of the Biola community for confidential information about another employee, or searching another employee’s work area without a valid business reason.

However, as business circumstances warrant, Biola reserves the right, at its discretion, to access an employee’s work area, files, computer, voice or electronic mail. Access will normally be done by the employee’s supervisor, a higher-level manager in the department, or their designee. Campus Safety may also access an employee’s work area in the course of protecting the university community and/or property or in the investigation of a crime. Whenever possible, access will be done in the presence of another employee and will be limited in scope to the business need.

Employees are therefore advised that if they do store personal data or property in Biola facilities or equipment, they do so at their own risk and with the understanding that they have no right to or expectation of privacy.

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