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Personal Information Section 2.2 Dept: Human Resources Revised: February 14th, 2007

Personnel Files

Employees may have periodic access to their personnel files. The contents of a personnel file include, but are not limited to, some or all of the following documents:

  • Employment application and related correspondence
  • Job requisition and hiring authorization forms
  • Pre-employment tests
  • Current and former job descriptions
  • Performance evaluation forms
  • Pay increase authorization memos; documentation of payroll department number, job title, reporting relationship, and other changes initiated by the department head
  • Departmental formal letters of commendation; corrective action forms
  • Annual reaffirmation letter
  • Information related to employee benefits

To inspect one's personnel file, an appointment should be made with the department secretary in Human Resources. Files may not be removed from the Human Resources department and must be viewed in the presence of a personnel representative. Copies of file documents may be obtained at the employee’s expense.

Change of Personal Data

Changes in name, home address, telephone number, insurance beneficiary, marital status, dependents, or the number of tax withholding exemptions need to be reported, in writing, to the Human Resources office, without delay.

Employment Verifications

All written or oral requests for personnel information on current or former staff employees should be referred to Human Resources. For oral requests, Human Resources will release dates of employment and job title. With written approval from the employee, Human Resources will also release current base salary and earnings information for the current and previous year.

Under no circumstances will the university release information regarding performance, disciplinary actions, or reason for termination, with the exception of a bona fide government security clearance (with written approval from the employee) or where such release of information is, otherwise, legally mandated by law.

Letters of Reference

Supervisors and managers are not allowed to provide letters of reference to current or former staff employees as representing the university. However, any employee may provide a personal reference for a current or former subordinate or co-worker, if requested to do so by the employee. Such letters may not be written on university letterhead, and the language of the letter should clearly state that it is a personal reference. 

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