Biblically Centered Education
Employment Cornerstones Section 2.12 Dept: Human Resources Revised: February 26th, 2013


Each Biola faculty and staff employee, regardless of position, strives to have a growing, vibrant, daily relationship with Jesus Christ, utilizing God’s Word to govern every part of his/her life. The following “Cornerstones” are intended, in concert with the Articles of Faith and the Standard of Conduct, to frame how employees operate as individual contributors and as a guide for management decision-making. Therefore, we will:

  • Honor God - We do our jobs as working unto the Lord, providing our best efforts and seeking excellence.
  • Value Others - We regard fellow employees, students, and other constituents as brothers and sisters in Christ, respecting and valuing the ethnic and cultural diversity that enriches our community.
  • Share Resources – We commit to share information and resources with other employees/departments to maximize service to constituents.
  • Provide Proper Tools – We provide adequate resources to accomplish job expectations, while we encourage each other to keep God first in our lives, maintaining a healthy balance of work and personal activities.
  • Consider Other Viewpoints – We consider the views and opinions of others in making decisions. After significant decisions are made, we are thorough in explaining the basis for the decisions.
  • Compensate Employees Fairly – We recognize that employees are Biola’s most valued resources; therefore we provide salaries and benefit packages that are competitive with Biola’s peer universities.
  • Foster Employee Growth – We encourage the professional and spiritual growth of employees by providing appropriate professional development, training, and guidance. Supervisors will be trained and equipped to lead.
  • Be Accountable – We operate both as individuals and as an organization with the highest levels of honesty and integrity. We are accountable for our decisions, actions, and behavior. 
  • Apply Biblical Stewardship – We demonstrate sound biblical stewardship regarding the use of the financial, human, environmental and capital resources with which we have been entrusted. 
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