Biblically Centered Education
University Decalogue Section 2.11 Dept: Office of the President Revised: April 25th, 2011


All Biola employees are part of a "team," united in the role of fulfilling the University Mission. The expectation of each team, and each team member, is summed up in the University Decalogue.

University Decalogue

1. We will use our positions to serve the good of the university as a whole, aligning our own goals with Biola's.

2. We will engage in difficult issues as a team with strong opinions but a Christ-honoring, loving spirit and then get behind the decisions as a team, with one voice.

3. We will expect an attitude of acknowledging our need for each other and trust in each other, willing to admit weaknesses and mistakes.

4. We will be willing to put hard issues and innovative proposals on the table and work them through, thereby fostering a new idea garden and not a new idea graveyard.

5. We will give others the benefit of the doubt before arriving at conclusions.

6. We will be a team that looks forward to our meetings together and other opportunities to work as a group.

7. We will work to minimize politics and maximize solutions, breaking down silos and building up our shared aspirations as a university.

8. We will deal with crucial issues by identifying them and calling for solutions.

9. We will think futuristically about opportunities and make informed decisions on getting there, but we will also be nimble in changing directions if need be, without hesitation.

10. We will respect one another as team members and hold each other to the high standards of biblical accountability at every level. 

This is a set of rules to guide our work at Biola University, at the senior level of administrators and throughout the community. 

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