Biblically Centered Education
Abbreviations and Terms Section 1.7 Dept: Human Resources Revised: February 20th, 2015

Exempt Employee Category: refers to employees whose pay is quoted to them as a monthly figure. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, these employees are exempt from provisions of the federal law, regarding overtime pay. Pay is issued on the 15th of the month (or the closest weekday to the 15th, if it falls on a weekend), and the last working weekday of the month.


Non-Exempt Employee Category: refers to employees who are paid an hourly wage. Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, these employees are eligible for overtime pay and subject to other provisions of this federal law. At Biola, pay is issued every second Friday, unless a holiday makes an adjustment necessary.


Student Employee Category: contains students (both undergraduate and graduate level) who work part-time, on-campus jobs.

603-IMPUTED Life Insurance Tax: the earn code label for taxes on the life insurance Biola carries on employees to the extent the insurance amount exceeds $50,000; found on employee paycheck stubs.

Americans With Disabilities Act: a federal law with provisions for reasonable accommodations to be made in the workplace, to allow people with certain disabilities (as defined by the law) to be able to perform the essential functions of a job or to have access to participation in normal activities. An example would be installing ramps for wheelchair access to a building.


Association of Independent California Colleges & Universities: serves as a unified statewide voice of independent higher education in California. The association represents 77 private colleges and universities on policy issues with the state and federal government.


Administrative Management Teamat Biola, any administrative employee who supervises one or more other staff members (either 01 or 02) is considered a member of this group and is invited to the AMT working lunch meetings that occur several times per year. An AMT member should be in the “Management” e-mail group. (Supervising 03 student employees does not qualify an employee for inclusion in this group.)


Air Quality Management District: an agency in southern California that oversees efforts to reduce air pollution. Employers like Biola have goals designed to reduce the number of solo commuters to work. The $1/day incentive at Biola to carpool or commute via alternate methods (bike, walk, etc.) aims to improve our record in this regard.


Associated Students: the name for the student government organization at Biola.


The American Studies Program: uses Washington, D.C. as an educational lab where students gain hands-on experience with internships in their chosen fields and explore pressing national and international issues in public policy.


Biola Eagle Swim Team: a competitive swim team, sponsored by the Aquatics Program, open to area youth, ages 4-18.


Biola Women's Fellowship: a campus organization, open to all women faculty and staff employees; monthly luncheons with varied presentations are held each acacdemic year, from September to May.


A web-based course management system that allows one to build online, interactive learning environments.


Biola Recognizes Its Thinking Employees: a suggestion program where faculty and staff can submit suggestions for improvements to programs and facilities, with goals of improving service and/or improving efficiency.

BYA Biola Youth Academics: formerly called STAR. A program of Community Programs & Services, wherein home-schooled students receive academic support in various topics at sites throughout the region.

Café Banquet Room: located in the Café.


Council for Christian Colleges and Universities: an organization of 121 Christian higher education institutions in the U.S., plus international affiliates, formerly known as the “Coalition of Christian Colleges and Universities”.  Their website is


Council of Instructional Deans: the body comprised of the deans of the academic programs within the university.


A software product used at Biola for several purposes, but primarily to enable Macintosh workstations to operate Biola's former, "Windows-only" ERP, IFAS. Citrix resides on the network between the workstation and the central IFAS servers.


Center for Learning Enrichment, Assessment, and Research: works with academic and co-curricular programs as they develop, schedule, and implement effective program reviews, and with departments as they assess student learning outcomes and teaching effectiveness.


Christian Management Association: provides management resources and leadership training for Christian organizations.


Christian Stewardship Association: equips Christian leaders with an understanding of biblical stewardship through education, research, resources, and networking opportunities.

CSICS  Cook School of Intercultural Studies: added to Biola in 1983, under the leadership of Dr. Cook. Marvin Mayers of Wycliffe Bible Translators became its founding dean.

English Language Studies Program: a program for international students, allowing them to improve their English proficiency.


Enterprise Resource Planning: an industry term for an integrated, central administrative computing system. Biola's ERP is Banner.


Free Application for Federal Student Aid: a standard form, used nationally for college applicants and their families to apply for federal sources of financial aid, such as Stafford Loans. Once completed, the form enables an applicant to share his/her information with all the schools to which he/she is applying.


Federal Insurance Contributions Act: withholds federal tax from pay for the individual’s Social Security contribution.


Federal Income Taxthe amount taken out of your pay by the federal government.


General Ledger: reports are issued monthly, indicating the status of an account’s income and expense activity.


Health Maintenance Organization: an organizational structure for providing health coverage, the most common form of health insurance.


Interdepartmental Billing: an internal procedure whereby one department bills another for services rendered.


Intercultural Studies: the study of other cultures (see also CSICS).


Integrated Financial and Administrative Solution: Biola's former central, integrated administrative computing system. This type of integrated system is often called an ERP. Biola's ERP is from a company named SunGard.

Inside Story

Inside Story: an online staff and faculty newsletter. For more information, see section 1.6.


International Student Exchange Program: an opportunity for Biola students to study at Christian universities in Japan and Korea.

Journal Entry (JE)

A procedure to record the transferring of funds (credit or debit) from one account to another.

Journal Receipt (JR)

A documentation of funds credited via check or cash to Biola.

Journal Voucher (JV)

This form is available in Accounting to record certain charges initiated by a department, such as Biola Bookstore billings or labor/materials charges related to work orders


Los Angeles Film Studies Program: an off-campus program for studying the Christian perspective on the film industry, consisting of seminars and internships.


Learning Assistance Services: this office, within Student Development, assists those students needing help with such things as tutoring; it also aids students who are on academic probation.


Latin American Studies Program: a special program in which students live in Latin America for a specified period of time, studying the culture and the Spanish language.

LCR (Edgar R.) Lehman Conference Room: located in Upper Metzger.
LDR (Edgar R.) Lehman Dining Room: located in Upper Metzger.
my.Biola A NetID and password enables a faculty or staff member to access the password-protected areas of Biola's website, such as course rosters and grades, Inside Story, etc.

National Association of College & University Business Officers: represents chief administrative and financial officers through a collaboration of knowledge and professional development, advocacy, and community. 


President's Administrative Council: consists of the President and his 20 university administrators. The role of PAC is to foster the exchange of significant information between the educational and resource enterprises, to serve as an advisory board to the President, and to facilitate decisions on operational matters that impact the university as a whole.


Planned Giving Services: for estate planning and helping donors regarding stewardship of resources, like property and investments, for present or future use by Biola.


Purchase Order: the tracking number assigned to a requisition by Biola’s Purchasing department. This number follows the order through the cycle of the goods/services being received and paid for.

President’s Circle

The name given to a group of donors to Biola, based upon a level of gift given.


School of Arts and Sciences: comprised of the Humanities, Science, and Fine Arts and Communication departments.


State Disability Insurance: replacement pay (55% of normal pay) issued by California, when an employee is out because of a disability. Consult with the Benefits Manager for details.


Summer Institute of Linguistics: a summer program in which prospective Teachers of English as a Second Language (TESOL) may earn a certificate.

SIT State Income Tax: the amount taken out of your pay by the state.

Student Missionary Union: Biola’s student-led organization for planning and conducting mission trips and the annual Missions Conference.


Student Orientation Serviceformerly called SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration). It oversees a multi-faceted program for incoming students, including transfers. Peak activity is at start of the fall semester.


Student Services Building: includes the Biola Bookstore upstairs, and the Student Services offices on the lower level.


Student Union Building: the upper level contains offices like the Student Missionary Union and Student Ministries, while the lower level, facing the plaza, has The Eagle’s Nest, Common Grounds, and Mail and Parcel Services.


TESOL and Applied Linguistics: a department whose mission is to enable students to acquire basic and advanced analytic skills in linguistics, to educate them broadly in applied linguistics and its relation to other disciplines, and to provide them with culturally appropriate applied training.


Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages: see TAL and SIL.


Trusts, Investments, Estate Services: department within Financial Affairs that oversees the management of funds and properties that have been given to Biola.

UCM University Communications & Marketing: a department that is responsible for developing, managing, and promoting a branding campaign that promotes the image of Biola. For more information, see section 6.5.

Undergraduate Studies and Curriculum Committee: serves as a review and recommendation group, regarding undergraduate curricular matters. See Section 7.4 for details.

UNUM The vendor Biola uses for life insurance. Also the paycheck stub payroll deduction label for employees who have purchased voluntary life insurance through UNUM.

University (Faculty) Personnel Committee: an elected faculty body that works with the Provost on issues regarding faculty personnel matters, including promotions and changes in policies in the Faculty Handbook.


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