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Logo Section 1.4 Dept: UCM Revised: February 18th, 2015

The Biola Logo

About the Biola University Logo

The Biola University logo consists of an open book and a flame, all contained within a circle. The book represents the Bible, and the fact that it is open implies that it is being studied and applied. The flame above the Bible represents God's holiness and the enlightenment we can obtain from His Word. The circles represent the world, which the university is committed to reaching with the gospel of Christ.

The word mark “Biola University” must always accompany the logo. It is usually centered beneath the logo, except on business cards, envelopes, or other strong horizontal spaces. In such cases, “Biola University” is placed to the right of the logo.

The general university logo is red (Pantone 186) and the word mark is black. The logo may also appear in all white on a dark background, or all black on a light background.

The logo has been altered to create the signatures for Biola's various graduate schools, including Talbot, Rosemead, Cook School of Intercultural Studies, and the Crowell School of Business.

The Biola logo is a key element of the university's identification program. It should be placed prominently on all external correspondence and publications.

A digital version of the logo is available from University Communications and Marketing (UCM). All external letters should be printed on official Biola letterhead. Letterhead and envelopes are available for order through Central Stores. Business cards are available for order through The Biola Print Shop. Any questions regarding the university logo should be directed to UCM.

Using the Biola University Logo

It is the policy of Biola University’s UCM department that the university logo must be included on all official Biola-approved materials that are distributed to a constituency of the university, whether designed by UCM, university departments, or outside agencies that have received Biola approval (see University Communication Standards).

While there is not a strict policy about the usage of the university logo, UCM has developed a de facto standard that reinforces the university’s branding efforts. These standards are protected trademarks and requests for exception can only be made at the sole discretion of UCM.

The Logo as Signature

On materials such as brochures, booklets, catalogs, viewbooks, postcards, etcetera, the university logo should be used on the back cover or panel.

This usage of the university logo serves as the signature of the university, both identifying and certifying the material as an authentic publication of the university.

When used in this way, the university logo may also be accompanied by contact information, such as the university mailing address, current tagline, or web address. In addition, information such as the departmental web address, phone number, or e-mail address may appear but should be kept concise.

If the brochure is “self-mailing” (designed to mail without an envelope), the university logo should be used on the mailing panel above the university address. This usage can serve the dual purpose of acting as the signature of the university as well as fulfilling regulations regarding the university’s U.S. Postal Service permit.

The Logo as Herald

The university logo is generally only used on the front cover of official documents issued by the president, vice presidents or administrative groups such as the PAC.

This usage is similar to the role of the university letterhead where the logo serves as an announcement of the importance of the information contained in the material and also confirms the message’s authenticity.

On general marketing materials, the text Biola University and the name of the appropriate school (e.g., Talbot School of Theology) should be used as a herald and accompanied by the university logo. The text reflects the typographic treatment consistent with the design.

This text herald will associate the material with the university, while allowing identification of a specific Biola school.

School & Departmental Logos

Biola University has an official logo for each school as well as for various departments. The schools’ logos can be used in place of the university logo on certain materials, but when used on a self-mailing piece, the address must begin with the text “Biola University,” in order to meet postal regulations.

In general, departments should employ a consistent brand message and visual campaign (if needed) that reflects and supports the university’s communications standards. If a departmental logo is necessary and appropriate, UCM will be responsible for its design to ensure consistency with the Biola University brand.

Departmental logos are meant to stand as heralds or identifiers, but they cannot replace the university logo as a signature, nor be used as stand-alone marks without the university logo. In addition, departmental logos should not visually compete with the university logo in any specific design. Often this means that only the university logo can appear when it is used as a herald or signature and, certainly, when directed to public constituents (not internal use).

For more information or clarification on logo use, please contact UCM.

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