How to Determine if You Qualify for a Special Circumstance Request






You can view what your current EFC is by logging into the website and looking at your Student Aid Report (SAR). Please note that your EFC number can change. Because of this, the purpose of this guide is to help you determine whether or not you should submit a Special Circumstance request based on the EFC you see on your SAR.

STEP 1: Go to

Locate and click on the "Login" button 

STEP 2: Login with your FSA ID Username and Password

If you do not remember your FSA ID Username or Password, click on the links listed below the associated field or contact the Department of Education for further assistance at or 800-557-7394. You can also view their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here.

NOTE: The Biola Financial Aid office is unable to retrieve or reset any of your FSA ID information.

STEP 3: Click the "View or Print your Student Aid Report (SAR)

STEP 4: Locate your EFC Number

If your EFC number is below 500, please contact the Biola Financial Aid office to discuss what options are available to you. If your number is 501+, then proceed to fill out the Special Circumstances Request.

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