Parents!  It is important that you know the following dates as well:

January 1 FAFSA for the upcomming school year is available.  Go to to file.
Spring Receive your initial estimated financial aid letter from Biola.
Summer Receive your confirmed financial aid award if you have completed your financial aid file.
June 15 Complete financial aid file by June 15th to ensure aid is confirmed for fall Enrollment.
July 1 Complete loan application(s) to ensure loans are available for fall Enrollment.
August Fall Enrollment.  Fall downpayment is due!
The Following January Spring Enrollment.  Spring downpayment is due!
The Following April 15 Last day to apply for federal aid for the current school year.

Did you know...

1. All correspondence from Financial Aid must be sent to your student!  We recommend you stay in contact with your student for important financial aid information. 

2. Per Federal regulations, we can only speak to you if your student has authorized us to do so.  Please make sure your student has included your name on his/her "Information Release Consent Form".  If not, he/she can complete a new form, available at FERPA (PDF).

3. As mentioned above, the best time to complete your FAFSA is in January.  You do NOT need to have your taxes completed to file the FAFSA - it is ok to submit it with estimated figures!  If you use estiamted figures, you will need to make updates once you have filed your taxes. To do so, you will need to complete the IRS Data Retrieval Tool at, or submit a IRS Tax ReturnTranscript

4. The FAFSA needs to be completed each year your student enrolls in college, if you are receiveing aid (including Stafford Loans).  If you need other loans as well, the PLUS or Private Student Loan Applications also require a new application each year.

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