A Federal grant for students intending to teach 4 out of 8 years in Title 1 (low income) schools in high need fields such as math, science, foreign language, special education, etc.

  • Amount:
    • Up to $3,496 per year; prorated per enrollment status
  • Deadline:
    • None
  • Eligibility:
    • Student must have 3.25 grade point average (or for Freshman 75 percentile in SAT/ACT/GRE in one section of test). Teaching Credential Students are not eligible. 
  • Renewal:
    • Renewable up to 2 years. Must complete all application requirements each year.
  • Notice:

    * Will not be included in confirmed award letter as final GPA and test scores verification is needed.

Graduate Grant

Biola grant calculated on cost of tuition, room and board against other resources available to student; prorated per enrollment.

  • Amount:
    • Students may be eligible for up to $2,750.
  • Deadline:
    • Priority given to earliest applicants with completed financial aid requirements
  • Eligibility:
    • Students must have sufficient financial need and be enrolled at least half-time
  • Application:
    • FAFSA (with Biola listed)
    • Once students complete FAFSA and submit all other paperwork requested by the Financial Aid Office, the Financial Aid Office will determine Graduate Grant eligibility
      • If eligible, the Financial Aid Office will contact the student
  • Renewal:
    • Yes
    • According to need determine by completeing the FAFSA for the new Aid Year
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