Student Account Refunds

Request a Refund of Credit

How do you get the money if there is extra credit on your account?

You can request a refund of credit from your account by filling out a request form at the front desk in the Accounting Office, or by sending an email to from your Biola email address.

Excess credit from loans or other Title IV Financial Aid is available as soon as it is posted to the account. A credit from a payment by check or online electronic check (ACH) is available after 10 banking days.

The request must be made by the student and is made payable to the student.

  • The entire credit balance on your account will be refunded 
  • If a credit card payment was made during this term, that payment will be refunded to the credit card before processing any other refund
  • Please allow up to two weeks for your refund 
  • PLUS loan refunds are payable to the borrower of record and are mailed to the borrower's address, unless authorization has been given to release the funds to the student 
  • If you have set up a Refund Profile on, your refund will be direct deposited to that account 
  • Once you have requested your refund, the funds are no longer available to use for book purchase at the Biola Bookstore

Set Up Your Refund Profile for Direct Deposit

  • Log on to my.Biola
    • Choose the Student Financials Tab (or Alumni, if no longer a student)
    • Select Manage My Account
    • Choose eRefunds
    • Click on Set Up Account
    • Select Account Type
    • Complete the requested information
    • Continue
    • Read the Agreement and check “I Agree”
    • Continue

When you have completed this, please request your refund from the Accounting Office in person or by sending an email to