1098T FAQs

Why are my qualified payments not listed on the 1098T?
The IRS requires the reporting institution to report either qualified expenses or qualified payments. Biola has elected to report qualified expenses.

Why is Box 2 (Charges) blank and Box 5 (Scholarships and Grants) filled?
You were billed for the spring term in the previous December and these charges were reported on your previous year 1098T form, with the box checked indicating that a portion of the charges were for a term beginning Jan-Mar 20XX.   Scholarships and grants for the spring term are posted in January, and thus appear on your current 1098T form.

Why is the full amount of my tuition not listed as a qualified expense?
The Health Center Fee is embedded in your tuition and is not considered a qualified expense. Therefore your tuition has been reduced by the amount of this embedded fee.

Since payments for room and board are not qualified payments, how do I calculate which payments are qualified?
Payments should be calculated based on guidelines in IRS Publication 970 (PDF Format) under forms and publications. You may also find it helpful to review and print out your student account, which you can do by logging onto myaccount.biola.edu. Click on the "Student Financials" option in the left hand menu to view your student financial account.

Why is Box 7 checked on my 1098T?
Box 7 denotes a charge for a term that will take place January-March of the following year.

I see an amount in box 4 or 6 of my 1098T. What do I do with this?
You may be required to repay all or part of a Hope or Lifetime credit taken in a previous year. Download IRS Publication 970 (PDF Format) for more information or consult your tax advisor.