Exit Loan Counseling

Federal regulations require that students who received a student loan and are graduating or leaving the institution or dropping below half-time status must complete exit loan counseling.

You will need to complete exit loan counseling for each category in which you received a loan. To determine the loans you received while at Biola University, please reference your Financial Aid documents or your student account billing statements.

Category 1 - Loans held by Biola University

  • Perkins Loan
  • Nursing Loan
  • Biola Loan
  • Hermann Loan
  • FAS Loan
  • Yates Loan

To complete the Online Loan Exit Interview for one of the above loan types, log into your loan account at ECSI, Biola’s loan servicing agency at: https://borrower.ecsi.net/ with Biola's School Code (RG), your Social Security Number, and your PIN/Password (if needed, please call ECSI at (888) 549-3274). Click on the "Unsigned Exit Interviews" link. Complete all Pending Exit Interviews, following the instructions provided.

Please Note: for your own mailing address, you should provide a permanent address; Biola campus box addresses are not acceptable. You must also submit a valid e-mail address.  Complete reference information should be provided for four friends and/or relatives who do not live at your address; Biola campus box addresses are not acceptable.

Questions on your Biola-held loan? Contact the Accounting Office at (562) 903-4760.

Category 2 - Stafford Loan

Complete Exit Loan Counseling: Click here.

Questions on Stafford loans? Contact the Financial Aid Office at (562) 903-4742.