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Tuition 2016-2017

School / Degree / ProgramSemester TuitionAnnual TuitionCost Per UnitSummer Session 2016 Per UnitInterterm 2017 Per UnitSemester Audit Fee Per Unit
Undergrad Tuition(12-18 units)(12-18 units)(1-11,19+)
Traditional Undergrad$18,348$36,696$1,529$663$663$60
Rosemead School of Psychology
Applied Psychology$547$547
Special Student Tuition [Non-Degree Seeking]
Undergrad Special Student$18,348$36,696$1,529$663$663$60
Cook School of Intercultural Studies
Graduate Tuition
School of Arts & Sciences
Specials (Non-Degree Seeking)$575$575$575$60
MA Apologetics, MA Science & Religion$575$575$575
MS Speech and Language Pathology$860
Crowell School of Business
Prerequisites & Theology$575$575$575$60
MBA Core & Electives$967$967$967$60
MPAcc Core$649$649$649$60
School of Education
Master's Programs, Credentials & Specials$575$575$575$60
Cook School of Intercultural Studies
Master's Programs & Specials$575$575$575$60
Doctor of Missiology$575$575$575$575
Doctor of Philosophy$1,125$1,125$1,125$1,125
Talbot School of Theology
Master's Programs & Specials$575$575$575$60
Doctor of Education, Doctor of Philosophy$1,065$1,065$1,065$1,065
Doctor of Ministry - 6 units/sm$2,466$4,932$4,932
Rosemead School of Psychology(9-16 units)(9-16 units)(1-8,17+ units)
Master's Programs & Specials$12,872$25,744$1,073$1,073$1,073$1,073
Doctoral Programs$12,872$25,744$1,073$1,073$1,073$1,073